Contemporary Romance Fiction

Review: Enemies by Tijan

Title: Enemies

Author: Tijan

My Rating: 1/2

Standalone: Yes

Genre: Contemporary Romance, enemies to lovers

Narration: Single POV (Occasional chapters from Stone’s view)

Primary Characters: Dusty and Stone Reeves

Source: Free in KU


Not as good as expected.

From the time this book was released, I was waiting to read this. But sadly, it didn’t meet my expectations. I was disappointed and felt sloppier and boring at few points.

Dusty is new in town to study marine biology. She doesn’t know anyone in this new town except her childhood friend/enemy. He is a state football champion and famous across the state.

When she comes to Texas for first time, she doesn’t anticipate the scenario of both of them getting together. Their path keep crossing and Stone comes back to her even after she being bitchy to him again and again.

I haven’t understood why the two are enemies yet. Is it because he ignored her when she was in early teen’s?

At one point in the book, Stone question’s dusty as below.

“I was a prick. You got resentful, and I wised up to how much of a dumbas* I was. I think that’s the best summary for this Sh*t, don’t you?

In my opinion, that’s the exact summary of the entire book.

I didn’t like Dusty at all. She will be dependent on Stone for the entire time. I understand her situation and all, yet, she was disappointing. There were moments — good solid moments and parts of the book I did enjoy. The friendships between the housemates and the college football team that developed over time.

There are moments like below dialog which made me hopeful that this book could have been lot better.

“I was more of a spotfin lionfish, but you know, without venom and the beautiful dorsal fins”.

None of the secondary characters were interesting. To an extent Noel, Colby and Jake were ok ok, even though their appearances were less. Plot and pace were ok ok, with their own up’s and down.

Overall, it was not up to par with others books I have read of this author.

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