Contemporary Romance Fiction

The Choice (Arranged Series #3) by Stella Gray

Title: The Choice (Arranged Series #3)

Author: Stella Gray

My Rating: 3/4

Standalone: No- Book 3

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Fiction, Arranged marriage series

Narration: Dual POV

Primary Characters: Stefen Zoric and Victoria (Tori)

Source: Courtesy of Author/ Publisher – ARC


Note: May contain spoilers from book 1 and 2. Suggest reading that first

Review of book 1:The Deal (Arranged Series #1) by Stella Grey

Review of book 2:The Secret(Arranged Series #2) by Stella Grey

After a stunning cliff-hanger in book 2, Stefen and Tori’s story continue after the revelation that Stefen’s first love has been returned and they have a child. I was expecting more of an action in this, however, I was little disappointed. I felt that author has rushed to complete the series in the end. I felt that, Author could have curbed some drama initially and have actually moved to interesting part of how Stefen takes over company and bring justice to people who wrong. More than 50% of the book is about strengthening Tori’s and Stefen’s relationship. It becomes stronger, but it’s expected when you reach a third book in the series.

Anja has brought her son and she tells Stefan that he is the boy’s father. Stefan needs to make a choice in what he wants, does he want to be with Anja and their son Max or with Tori? Even at mid-point Author has given some nice twist about max and his existence. Stefan finds out this was just a thing his father did to break him and Tori up. Stefan’s father thinks that Tori knows too much about the type of business he is running and wants her gone, but Stefan is not having it.

Along with the drama of his kid, Anja and Tori, Stefen still has bigger issues to take over his father. Gavin’s part in this came as a surprise to me. Anja was sweet. However, even Luka and Emzee were interesting in the last part. Story went in study pace initially and picked and got concluded in hurry in the last part.

With lot of surprising twists and turns along with equal amount of angst, drama, and a slight action in the end, this series is an overall one-time good read. Go ahead read and enjoy without inhibition.

I voluntarily read an ARC of this book in exchange for honest review.

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