Contemporary Romance Fiction

The Secret(Arranged Series #2) by Stella Grey

Title: The Secret(Arranged Series #2)

Author: Stella Grey

My Rating: 3/4

Standalone: No- Book 2

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Fiction, Arranged marriage series

Narration: Dual POV

Primary Characters: Stefen Zoric and Victoria (Tori)

Source: Courtesy of Author/ Publisher – ARC


Note: May contain Spoilers from book1. Suggest reading book 1 before reading this.

Book 1 Review:The Deal (Arranged Series #1) by Stella Grey

This continues with the story of Victoria ‘Tori’ and Stefan. It starts with exactly where book 1 ended. Now Tori is aware that KMZ modelling is a ruse for prostitution ring. Tori tries to speak with her dad and make him aware. However, she realizes both her father and Stefen are aware and they will tell her to ignore it and keep going as if it’s nothing. It’s a big secret for Tori to carry and she struggles to keep it and live with it. It widens the gap between Tori and Stefen.

Tori has really come a long way since the start of this series. She is just one of those heroines you can’t help but love. She has matured a lot in short span of time. Stefen is much better in this book. I loved watching his layers getting peeled and guard coming down. Tori is getting out there and managing her life going to school and dealing with Stefan. she’s standing up for herself more and more also. She’s getting what she wants and not taking any crap anymore. Stefen starts trusting her slowly and trying the build the bridge to reduce the gap between them.

Story and pace of the book goes in study pace. I didn’t find any intriguing secondary characters even in this book. Gavin seemed interesting at one point, but some how its clear to me atleast that he has ulterior motive. As I told earlier in book 1, I liked how author has not focused on one day and one dialogue in detail.

It was the right amount of mystery, and angst. I was thinking, the secret of the book is relieved early in the book, how ever author made it surprisingly and interesting twist with the huge cliffhanger. Will Tori and Stefen’s Love survive? Will Stefan stay with Tori, or go back on his words?

I voluntarily read an ARC of this book in exchange for honest review.

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