Contemporary Romance Fiction

Review: Twisted Hearts by Cora Reilly

Title: Twisted Hearts (The Camorra Chronicles #5)

Author: Cora Reilly

My Rating: 3/4

Standalone: Yes

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Fiction, Mafia Romance

Narration: Dual POV

Primary Characters: Savio & Gemma


This is the fifth book in the Camorra Chronicles series. It can be read as standalone. This book is about Savio and Gemma. I have been waiting for Savio’s book and waiting to know more about all other brothers. How ever it was a total disappointment. More than 50% of the book is all about a 16-year-old Gemma having crush on Savio and Savio acting like spoiled prince and treating her like a dirt. Gemma doesn’t think about anything, school & education is of no worth to her. Her only goal in life is to be a wife and giving birth to children. I even thought of DNF ing at 50% but pushed myself to complete it.

In the name of tradition only male taking a decision in the family and being ok anything after marriage and not even a single day before was ridiculous for current age. Everyone hovering around Gemma to make sure she doesn’t get charmed by Savio and give her V card early was too much to take and that was present in the majority part in the book. Felt like entire book was revolving around the wedding night.

Her Grandmother’s dialogue to convince her that Savio is a playboy.

“That boy can charm the frock right off a nun, Gemma” 

I liked Gemma’s sass to an extent post her marriage to Savio, however it wasn’t enough

 “Rudeness is Remo’s mother tongue and if you manage to embarrass either of my brothers, I’m going to buy you that Porsche you are so crazy about”. 

According me to she never did. Her fighting skills and interest were never displayed in a healthy way. Even when she was present during one of the fights, she will be hidden in a cupboard, which was too much for a girl who is interested in cage fight.

There is really no plot in this book. I was hoping to see more of his other brothers and sweet kids, even that wasn’t much. For most of the book, Diego was hovering over Savio so that he won’t unleash his bull on Gemma. His potential as an enforcer wasn’t showcased well at all.

Gemma had so much potential when I read other books but didn’t match to that in this at all. Savio was not a perfect character and I liked that about him.  Ultimately, the romance just didn’t grab me. I didn’t buy into it and I didn’t like Gemma and Savio. I did complete the book, but it’s not a memorable or interesting read for me. Give it a try, read and judge for yourself.

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