Contemporary Romance Fiction

Code of Silence by Shantel Tessier

Title: Code of Silence

Author: Shantel Tessier

My Rating: 1/2

Standalone: Yes

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Fiction, Mafia

Narration: Dual POV

Primary Characters: Luca and Haven

Source: Courtesy of Author/ Publisher – ARC


This is a standalone mafia romance novel. Luca Bianchi wants to be the Mafia King one day as he is a born prince to the family. He is well acquainted with the dark aspects of this world from young age. he cold, controlling and ruthless as the rest of them to all except Haven. He sees light when she is with him. His ruthlessness and cruel behavior are explained in the first chapter of the book where he traps his enemy and torture them. He wont mind dirtying his hands.

Two years ago, Luca left Haven behind without so much as a simple goodbye. She was completely heartbroken as she thought he was the love of her life. But now he’s back with a contract in hand, making her his soon-to-be-wife.

“He wants me to be his wife? I can be most annoying, intrusive, demanding wife possible”

Haven has grown up with ties to the mafia through her family. Her father is a businessman that has become “friendly” with the Biachi’s. She’s loved Luca for years, but she knows that loving him will destroy her life.  But she’s been brewing so much anger at him she remains caught between toeing the line of loathing him and loving him. she is fighting him every step of the way because of the hurt he caused when he left her. She knows he’s hiding things from her.

There are plenty of layers to this story, plenty of secrets that are buried deep. The twists and turns are never ending. Will Haven be able to trust Luca again? Or has that all turn to dust? Will he be able to trust her with these secrets?

“The mafia takes their code of silence very seriously. You don’t fu**ing talk”

They are several secondary characters in this book. All the 4 Dark kings were intriguing. Luca calls them Lucifer (Graves), Leviathan (Titan), Satan(Cross) and Belial (Bones).  We meet them all but they are still a mystery as we just get enough tidbits to entice us. Mia and Jasmine are sweet. Silent Nite, a loyal brooding, silent right-hand man of Luca is also intriguing in this own way. Plot moves at a good pace with interesting characters throughout.

“A player never shows his hand”

Overall Code of Silence has everything you want from a mafia romance, from power plays, violence, money making and deception.

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