Contemporary Romance Fiction

Review:Descent by Natasha Knight

Title: Descent

Author: Natasha Knight

My Rating: 1/2

Standalone: Yes

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Fiction, Mafia, Enemies to Lover

Narration: Dual POV

Primary Characters: Hayden and Persephone

Source: Courtesy of Author/ Publisher – ARC


This story is set in the Benedetti Mafia World, Descent is a standalone Enemies-to-Lovers Romance. There is nothing too taboo in this book according to me. Persephone (Percy) is struggling to stay afloat after her beloved father’s tragic accident and she is trying to hold together the pieces of his crumbling empire. Hayden (Hades) is a boy next door, whom she knew when she was in her teens.

On one Halloween night he had stepped in and rescued her from their family chapel when something underhanded seemed to be taking place. He took her away to safety and that was the last time she has seen him.

Now, after 5 years Hayden is back with a revenge mission. He holds Percy’s father accountable and will do anything and everything in his power to take his revenge and rip everything away from the Abbots. And he has his eyes set on Persephone as a collateral damage.

“An eye for an eye. A girl for a girl”

Hayden comes off as cold, controlling, hard, and not a man you want to mess with. Some how to me Percy seemed weak. The chemistry between Persephone and Hayden is good.

“I want you, but I won’t take what you don’t give, do you understand?”

Mystery, regret and misunderstanding are brewing a vicious storm between them. They did have attraction along with lots of push and pull.

“Like a moth to a flame. Except that I don’t know which of us is the moth and which the flame that will burn the other”

The plot was good too and it went smoothly. The book was more character driven then plot driven. Even though I read the entire story in one stretch and it did hold the interest, I still felt the grip in the book was missing.  This book displayed power play, conspiracies, revenge, family secrets, and twists.

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