The Long Last (Masters and Mercenaries: The Forgotten #4)

Title: The Long Last (Masters and Mercenaries: The Forgotten #4)

Author: Lexi Blake

My Rating: 1/2

Type: Can be read as a standalone. 4th book in series

Genre: Thriller, Romantic suspense

Narration: Dual POV

Primary Characters: Tucker & Veronica (Roni)

Source: ARC – Courtesy or Author/publisher


This is the fourth book in the Lost Boys series. This is the first book I’m reading in this series as this can be read as standalone. I haven’t read Masters and Mercenaries series, but I did have some background about McKay Taggart as I have read about them in Lawless series. For better understanding of the book, I suggest you read the series in order if you have time or else dive into this as this can be read as standalone.

Tucker aka Steven is part of a group of 6 men who were rescued by McKay Taggart, and now travel the world searching for their true identities since their memories were wiped clean by experimental drug testing and they were used as soldiers. Even though he doesn’t remember much, he knows he was involved with Dr.Hope McDonalds and has medical knowledge as well that he was way more involved with Dr. McDonald than just as a test subject.

Roni knows him as Steven and he left her 3 years ago when she thought they were starting a new relationship. She is angry with Steven as she thinks he used her and left her for other women and a high-profile life and she ends up being a single mother.

Tucker is hoping to get his memories back and his brothers are hoping some good comes of it. Roni wants to move on with her life, but she has kept secrets from Steven. Once they face each other, Tucker starts remembering the snippets of his past life. As Tucker and Roni try to begin their relationship anew it becomes more and more apparent that there are many entities who want to get to them both in order to find out what they know. Danger lurks at every turn.

As Roni and Tucker remember their time in Paris before he disappeared, will they be able to move past and make a future together? Why is kronberg so invested in them? Will all the lost boys able to move ahead after the revelation?

The intrigue and suspense are really stepped up as the puzzle surrounding Hope McDonald and her insidious plans to using her mind-altering drug is finally is solved. Plot moves in a faster pace.  Ezra, Solo, Robert, Ariel, Jax, Levi, Sandra, Rebecca and the McKay-Taggart & Knight team are there every step of the way as this all plays out. Loved several secondary characters especially Erza and Solo, waiting for their story in next book. Sandra is —“That women is incredibly intimidating women” 😊 I just loved her.

It’s Funny, suspenseful, scintillating and captivating tale ending with an intriguing prologue for her next book. Dive in and enjoy reading.

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