How the Mind Breaks by Dani Rene

Title: How the Mind Breaks

Author: Dani René

My Rating: 3/4

Type: Standalone

Genre: Contemporary Dark Romance, Psychological Thriller

Narration: Dual POV (Occasional chapters from others POV)

Primary Characters: Tia & Braxton


This book was out of my comfort zone for only one reason that’s because of the relationship between villain and heroine apart from that other things were fine. The books toggles between the chapters of Past and Present.

Tia is a woman who has seen and underwent more trauma from a very young age than anyone and her mind has shattered in order to hide from her past. Nothing in her mind will protect her from a real past that might catch up with her though

Braxton is driven by rage and the need for revenge. He is been trained to kill, fighting on the front line. Tia and Braxton are two deeply emotionally scarred people. Each person’s baggage is heavier than the other and its weighing them down and they are determined not to go down easily. They both are seeking revenge on the person who spoiled their life without knowing they are interlinked. But beyond their need for revenge, they also feel a strong connection to each other. With a painful past, Tia’s sanity becomes more fragile, there’s only one person who can heal her. But it’s the one person she doesn’t want to allow inside her shattered psyche.

Both Tia and Braxton are perfect for each other, they both are broken and need each other to heal. Will Braxton see Tia differently if he knows her secret? Will she be aware of his motives behind? Will they get past everything and heal?

This one is rough book and my trigger warnings. No intriguing secondary characters. Occasional chapters are told by different POV. Plot moves in a faster pace. Overall this was a fantastic read, a wonderful dark romance with a psychological twist that will definitely keep you guessing.

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