Contemporary Romance Fiction

Review: The Danger Zone (The Elite #1) by  Brooke Blaine & Ella Frank

Title: The Danger Zone (The Elite #1)

Authors:  Brooke Blaine & Ella Frank

My Rating: 1/2

Type: Series. Book 1

Genre: Contemporary M/M Romance

Narration: Dual POV

Primary Characters: Panther & Solo

Source: Courtesy of Author/ Publisher – ARC


Note: Ends with Cliff-hanger

I thought several times before signing up for this. M/M was definitely not my preferred Genre. I thought if I never gave a try, I would never know. Even though it wasn’t my preferred genre I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Its my first M/M book. Totally loved it. It exceeded my expectations.

Danger Zone is book one in The Elite trilogy. Lieutenant Grant Hughes- call sign PANTHER and Lieutenant Mateo Morgan- call sign SOLO has been accepted into the prestigious Navel Aviation Fighter Academy NAFTA program/ competition for the Elite Title for 10 weeks.

When they come face to face on the first day of their program both are shocked as they had met each other previous day. Panther & Solo are polar opposites. Grant is focused, driven, responsible and has an extremely discrete personal life and has high expectation from everyone in the academy as his father is the captain in the same academy. He has to prove that his skills are more than him being privileged. Grant is stealthy, proud and ferocious in air.  Solo is reckless, rebellion, bold and arrogant. Solo is free-spirited, has a giant ego, always crosses the line and gets any attention he can get good or bad as long as he is having fun.

Grant expects reliable, trustworthy and discreet from a partner. According to Grant, Mateo is none and he doesn’t want to risk anything. Panther is determined to avoid distractions and do well in the program. But Solo does not listen or follow rules very well. What happens when a perfectionist panther and a loud, outspoken reckless Solo butts head in competition along with him in the personal life? Only one can win the title, but both are worthy opponents, who will win?

“Don’t think this changes anything. We’re still competitors, you know”

“As far as i m aware, we never stopped being competitors. The only question that’s really left now is which one of us will come out on the top next time”

I really liked the whole competition aspect to the story, and getting to know Panther, Solo, and the other competitors. It’s a very fast paced, easy read, and yes, it left me needing more! Only reason I gave less rating is because, I was expecting to know more about Panther and Solo’s background, which we didn’t get here in this book, hopefully in the next 2 books in the series. Apart from that, it’s a wonderful read. I liked several secondary characters. Houdini and Gucci are perfect being and good fighter pilots as well as best friend. I’m more intrigued with Whiplash, hopefully we get to see more about her in next books.

This is full of tension, competition, adrenaline, and fire. It’s pushing each other to their limits, performing tricky maneuvers, fighting for control, and bending of wills. I loved their flirtiness. If all the above is what you want in a book pick this up and Judge for yourself.  Danger Zone is the just their beginning.  I cannot wait to see a deeper side of them.

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