Review: Stain By Mindy Hayes

Title: Stain

Author: Mindy Hayes

My Rating:

Type: Standalone

Genre: Psychological Thriller, A Romantic Psychological Suspense

Narration: Multiple POV

Primary Characters: Kat & Blake Collins

Source: Courtesy of Author/ Publisher – ARC


I voluntarily read an ARC of this book in exchange for honest review.

I signed up for this ARC because I was intrigued with the Blurb. This is my first time I read a book of Mindy Hayes, and it won’t be the last.

Katarina Soloway or Kat is a young journalist who lives in seclusion in her apartment. She is struggling to keep her past at bay and trying to lead her seclusive life day by day. Blake Collins is a rock star and is engaged to Hollywood sweetheart Scarlett. Kat and Blake were high school sweethearts and have parted ways.

Now after 10 years Blakes knocks on kat’s doorstep and enters her life again asking for help. He is accused of murdering his fiancé. In part one, story toggles between past and present about their teenage love and the current situation of both. I thought I had figured out the entire book when I finished part one except to know the murderer. However, part 2 and 3 totally threw me off. Didn’t except that twist at all. When I was reading things from others POV, I was literally on the edge.

“He had mystery, looks and Talent. A triple treat. The perfect combination or fatal Concoction”.

Last 2 parts were completely different than expected. I was unbelievably stunned. The suspense kept me on toes, and it didn’t get any better than that. As the story progress, Kat and Blake are trying to solve Blake’s ex-fiancée murder. However, Kat seems less inclined to help Blake because it’s been years since she’s seen Blake. He’s the guy who stole her heart and also broke her heart. Blake’s life can look great on social networks and magazine covers, but behind closed doors it’s very different.

“It appears that Tall Dark and Broody is already smitten with someone. I can’t imagine who”

The twists and turns of the plot kept me engaged throughout book. I was on the edge of my seat most of the time. I was addicted to this story after part one. Plot is fast paced. Nice storyline, great plot and captivating. I liked knowing the story from several POV. Hollywood starlett, Scarlett was perfect in this story. She was perfect example for when starts burn. I don’t want to tell more about her. Read and know for yourself.

Overall, Stain was a phenomenal read. Go ahead and enjoy this wild rollercoaster Romantic Psychological Suspense.

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