Contemporary Romance Fiction

Until You by MV Kasi

Title: Until You -An Indian Billionaire’s Arranged Bride Romance

Author: M.V. Kasi

My Rating: 1/2

Type: Standalone

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Narration style: Limited third person

Primary Characters: Tina and Dhanush

Source:Free in KU


I was in mood for some light Indianized romance. This book is based on one of old classic fairy tale “Beauty and the Beast”. It’s recreated as per modernized Indian version.

As the blurb says Dhanush Mahasena is rich, stunningly handsome and a royal. When an accident made Dhanush bitter along with ugly scars, he retreats to his family estate, he wanted to have a quiet time. His peace is interrupted when women from royal background visited him, aiming to be his wife.

Tina has a tough background and rough situation. With all her savings gone, she is trying to stay afloat and make ends meet along with perusing her dream. In desperation and keep things afloat and find solution for her problem she agrees for deception and enters Mahasena mansion as his prospective bride. All she has to do is spend 3 weeks in an estate that belongs to a billionaire royal. Will she survive staying with ugly hideous monster?

Tina is strong and sweet at the same time. Dhanush is broody and has sharp acumen, explosive temper and ruthless steak. Two extremes cross paths which made the story more interesting. With explosive chemistry and his fiery temper will beauty be able to tame the beast?

Even though entire book is one-time time-pass read I have rated it low for few reasons. Character development could have been much more better. It was totally good till halfway through the book, but post that I felt author has rushed up to complete the book. I was expecting more lash outs between Tina and Dhanush, in which this book totally lagged. Second half of the book was good, but it didn’t focus more on relationship building.  I felt it was mostly focused on their scorching chemistry (I’m not complaining on that 😊).

Plot moved in study pace in first half and it got fast forwarded in second half. i was not able to recognize the narration style, I think, it was limited third person view. Writing style was simple and easy to read. No intriguing secondary characters however Lalitha was delightful.

Overall, this is enjoyable, good, one-time fun read. Enjoy reading this Indianized contemporary “Beauty and the Beast” romance.

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