Contemporary Romance Fiction

Angry God (All Saints High #3) by L.J Shen

Title: Angry God (All Saints High #3)

Author: L.J. Shen

My Rating: 3/4

Type: Standalone

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Narration style: Multiple POV

Primary Characters: Lenora, Vaughn Spencer, Vicious Spencer, Emilia Spencer

Source: Courtesy of Author/ Publisher – Free in KU


I have read several books in “Sinners of Saint” series, but this is my first book in All Saints High. I didn’t pick this book for a long time because I didn’t want to my imaginations for hotholes to be tarnished for any reason. But this book made me fall in love with Vicious more than ever.

It’s a second-generation book. I haven’t read Daria, Knight and Luna’s story yet. Vaughn Spencer is more than I ever expected. I obviously expected some Vicious elements, he is his father’s son after all. Vaughan is very similar to Vicious yet different. They face similar yet different kind of trouble.

Lenora stumbles upon Vaughn when they are young and learns his secrets (her own version from what she understands) by being in wrong place at wrong time. Vaughn bullies her and will be cruel to her but also follow her around like a lost puppy. he is scared he will let her secret out. Lenny would try to act cool and collected but still get bullied by Vaughn and the mean girls. Lenora is perfect for Vaughn, matched in every way. She pushes back, she is smart and she is artistically driven. Vaughn may be all sorts of screwed up, but Lenora doesn’t just take it lying down. She gives as good as she gets, and in some parts, even better. I loved that about her. There’s a lot of back and forth and their road is definitely not an easy one. But in the end, i embraced Vaughn’s thrust for revenge.

“If you want to look at your fiercest protector, at the one person you can always count on, take a good look in the mirror”

Angry God wouldn’t be complete without Vicious and Emilia. This book made me fall more for Vicious than previously. He just shines. I loved seeing him as a husband and father. It’s hard not to compare father and son but Vaughn didn’t make an impression on me as much as Vicious did. Also, Vicious gave some GOOD grovel, whereas Vaughn did not.

Story moves in a study pace. Intrigue and twists were little predictable for me. Knight was good, maybe I will get to know more about Harry at some point. Epilogue and final climax after action felt very similar to other books.

Overall, it’s a solid book. Read and judge it yourself.

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