Dance for me(Alder Academy #1) By Erin Trejo

Title: Dance for me(Alder Academy #1)

Author: Erin Trejo

My Rating: 1/2

Type: Standalone

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Dark High School Bully Romance, YA NA

Narration: Dual POV.

Primary Characters: Steele & Whisper

Source: Courtesy of Author/ Publisher – ARC


I voluntarily read an ARC of this book in exchange for honest review.

This is my first Erin Trejo’s book. Whisper finds herself adopted at 18 and forced to attend an academy college for rich kids. Whisper was suspicious about some couple out of the blue wanting to adopt her at the age of 18. She thinks its her chance to go to college and change life. Whisper frees herself through dancing.

In Rolling Spring, they are known as the Triple A’s. They are the Alder boy’s (Steele, Knox & Callan) & they are known for trouble.Everyone knows their family basically run the town.Steele and his brothers are directed to get close to Whisper and find out what she knows then eradicate the problem. Not easy, because Whisper is made of Steele. She took the cards life dealt her and just kept picking herself back up. She didn’t let anything take her down and wasn’t about to fall victim to 3 mean boys.

Steele and his brothers are burdened with doing their father’s dirty work, but what happens when you fall for the enemy?

In Dance For Me I never got to that point immersion. Frankly I spent most of my time thinking what business these families have, yet even in the end i couldn’t get it. The gravity of Steele’s and Wiper connection was missing. She is at ease with his brothers more so than him. Thought the characters and storyline could have been developed a little better. Whisper & Steele push and pull was good but I didn’t really see or feel their relationship progress.You read about feelings (from Steele) but you don’t actually see them develop. Main action what I was hoping for went missing like whooosshhh and ended with epilogue.

Knox was back and forth for me. And of course Callen was the most likable for me. Leddy and Shane were ok. I might like them in their book.The plot was good and the story line was also fine but I felt that some bits lacked the details that I would’ve liked. Which then lead me to not really connecting with the characters.

Overall, the writing is there. The story is there. It just fell short. check out yourselves.

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