Contemporary Romance Fiction

Southern Chance by Natasha Madison

Title: Southern Chance ( Southern Series)

Author:  Natasha Madison

My Rating: 3/4

Type: Standalone

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Narration: Dual POV

Primary Characters: Jacob & Kallie

Source: Courtesy of Author/ Publisher – ARC


I voluntarily read an ARC of this book in exchange for honest review.

This is my first book from Natasha Madison. It’s a small town second chance romance novel.  The setting was beautiful.

Jacob McIntyre and Kaillie Barnes are childhood sweethearts. He was her first everything and she thought they would be together forever.  Plans change. One moment, one conversation, on prom night will change everything. On the night of senior prom, she finds out that he was the father of the baby Savannah was carrying, Savannah was one of his best friends together with Beau. Kallie doesn’t wait to get more clarity on that. She runs away from their small town knowing that she can’t stay in the same small town and watch him move on.

Eight years later, she returns to town with her best friend, Olivia who needs an escape from a terrible situation. She will see Jacob with his son Ethan and Savannah, the perfect little family, showing her all she could never had, all that was stole from her. Both Kallie and Jacob have secrets, they must deal with their pasts but when you feel betrayed and hurt, it’s hard to tramp those feelings down and move on. Jacob and Kallie work through their pain and will small-town gossip allow them to forget the events that occurred eight years ago?

Even though Kallie and Jacob’s story revolves around a miscommunication, I feel given their age when it happens and everything that happens after is acceptable. Kallie and Jacob talk about misunderstanding and they are so freaking sweet together. Kallie and Jacob never fell out of love.

I loved most of the secondary characters we meet throughout this story. I loved Kallie’s parents and brother. I look forward to reading Olivia and Casey’s book next. I’m totally intrigued by Beau, even though I didn’t like Savannah at all. Writing style was completely on point and the plot was well thought out.

Overall it was good, but just too sweet for my taste. Go ahead and check this book if you a sweet tooth.

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