Contemporary Romance Fiction

Chandler by Laurelin Paige

Title: Chandler (Fixed #5)

Author:  Laurelin Paige

My Rating:

Type: Standalone

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Narration: Single POV (Male POV)

Primary Characters: Chandler Pierce & Genevieve Fasbender

Source: Courtesy of Author/ Publisher – ARC


This is my first book in fixed trilogy. Honestly, I picked this book only for Genevieve Fasbender. I was intrigued by her after reading Slay Quartet. Even though I haven’t read about Hudson, it feels like I know about him after reading Slay Quartet.

Chandler is youngest baby brother of Hudson. He has always been in the shadow of his older brother but now he’s working at Pierce Industries. He gets to do more of what he loves, mixing business with pleasure. Genevieve Fasbender is sexy, intelligent, confident, and British. Genevieve knows exactly what it’s like to be part of a family where your opinion always comes second to your older brothers. She always feels the pleasure of proving herself even though she is more than capable.

Entire story is told in Chandler POV. Chandler and Genevieve meet at a fundraising gala. Since Hudson was unable to attend, Chandler goes in his place and it only takes some time for Genevieve to capture his attention. Both end up in one-night stand. Days go by and two ends up again face to face in Pierce industry office again. When Chandler asks for repeat performance Genevieve declines. Now will Chandler be able to keep up to his name of playboy? Will they be developing real feelings for each other?

Overall for me Chandler was total disappointment. He felt juvenile and petulant instead. Genevieve would have done loottttt more better. In the end however he did give his big brother good competition and he did showcase he has more personality than a playboy impersona. This book can be read as standalone. No need to read Fixed Trilogy and Slay Quartet.

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