Kiss Me with Lies(Twin Lies #1) by S.M. Soto

Title: Kiss Me with Lies(Twin Lies #1)

Author: S.M. Soto

My Rating: 1/2

Type: Duet Series. Book 1

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Murder Mystery, Romantic Suspense

Narration: Dual POV

Primary Characters: Mackenzie & Baz (Sebastian)

Secondary Characters: Zac, Marcus, Trent, Vincent & Maddison

Source: Courtesy of Author/ Publisher – ARC


I voluntarily read an ARC of this book in exchange for honest review.

This is my first book by S.M Soto. Even though I had this book with me for long time, I just waited closer to second book release date so that I can read it together. I m cursing and being happy at same time. Cursing why I didn’t read this for such long and happy I don’t have to wait too long for book2.

Mackenzie and Madison are twin sisters. While they look the same, Madison is  beautiful, popular, mean & vile. Mackenzie is shy, chubby and unpopular geek. Things change one night when one of the towns royalty Trent shows interest in Mackenzie. Maddison doesn’t like this, and they fight on this. After that next morning Maddison is found dead. Mackenzie has a fair idea who might have killed her sister even though police conclude the case with no suspects and clues and closes it as unsolved.

As the blurb says after 9 years when she stumbles upon a photo her resolve to get justice to her sister becomes stronger. Now she tries her best every day to be a different.Mackenzie’s obsession turns deadly as she strives to uncover the truth of that fateful night when her twin sister Maddison was left for dead. Even after 9 years of the instance her twin sisters’ death is nagging at her.

All things were pointing to five town royalty. Now they are hot shot billionaires in LA. Trent, Zac, Marcus, Vincent and Sebastian(Baz). They always stick together. Trouble wrapped up in gorgeous packaging. Now it’s up to her to uncover the truth.

Sebastian is right blend of heart and dominance. Mackenzie is a great character – she lost so much and despite everything, remained strong and determined. She doesn’t have any extraordinary skills. All she has is a determination to bring justice to her sister’s death. Her initial meet with Sebastian and how she bonds with him gradually was good. Her plans & execution of vengeance is very sloppy but felt realistic.

 I liked the vengeance, secrets, inability to not fall in love with someone who is bad for you or messes with your plans. The chemistry is explosive, the secrets of the five Savages and the night in question kept me enthralled, and the romance the blossoms against all odds. Plot went in slightly slower pace than I liked however it was good. I felt some detailed sex scenes were redundant and it was only written to fill pages, apart from that it was good. All secondary characters were good. Even though Trent and Vincent literally gave the creeps vibe to me.

Overall, Kiss Me With Lies was a fabulous romantic suspense story filled with twists and turns and full of steamy passion and nail biting angsty suspense.

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