Contemporary Romance Fiction

The Sinful King (Naughty Royals #1) by Claire Contreras

Title: The Sinful King (Naughty Royals #1)

Author: Claire Contreras

My Rating:

Type: Standalone

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Narration: Dual POV

Primary Characters: Adeline & Prince Elias

Source: Free in KU


Before I start the review, I have 2 things to highlight here. Its only my personal opinion and has definitely not affected my review in any ways just because of my opinion on below points

1) According to me it’s not at all an enemies to lovers book, they were just two unknown people. My definition of enemies is totally different than that of author.

2) I still don’t understand why she has given the title as “Naughty Royals”. I totally get the word Royals, but Naughty, that too Elias, he didn’t seem that type to me at all in the entire book.

Prince Elias along with his friends, rent the entire waterfront villa’s in Marbella owned by Adeline parents every year summer. Their tales of debauchery is popular around the town. One summer Elias and Adeline meet for few hours. Post that they go different ways. Fast forward few years Adeline comes back to Marbella looking for a peaceful time away from her scandal and spotlight. She meets Elias again. Elias is having a relaxed time in same place before taking over the crown. That’s the only time they can escape the tabloids and paparazzi and relax.

“Your father is in the king’s Cabinet”

“Don’t worry, you wont be beheaded for having your own thoughts. Not anymore anyway”.

Elias is grumpy, responsible and mature. Elias has been groomed and prepared to be king his entire life. We learn of all that weighs on his shoulders and his impending future. He is trying to find a balance between tradition, duty, responsibility, and appearances. Adeline Bouchard is now an independent event planner in London. Her father works for the cabinet of Prince’s father and he opposes and voices his opinion on Monarchy.

You dont have to be a king to change history.
No, I suppose not. He smiled. You can be a queen.

I liked the conversation between Elias and Adeline on Monarchy Vs Democracy. Their conversation on economic crisis and how to fix that. They build a strange connection and start liking each other. Adeline struggles between what she wants and what she can have. He’s a man she can never have, but she still wants him. When things between them turn complicated will she be forced to let him go, or will she get her fairy-tale ending?

“He seemed like a man who carried loss well, but felt the burden of it nonetheless”

Author has already told that, this plot is a fairy tale, so you can guess how it ends, yet the entire journey to reach that point was good.  Plot that will have you wondering what the final choice will be and if you’re going to walk away broken-hearted! Plot moved in a study pace. Loved some secondary characters. Pilar and Aramis were intriguing enough.  Pierre was totally loveable. Would like to see more of him in some other book someday.

Overall, it captured the essence of royalty but also making it modern to today’s society. Enjoy this fairy tale romance.

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