Best Book Recommendation

Best Book Recommendation from my Q1- 2020 Reads

Time flew by so quickly, where did Q1 2020 go?   At the beginning of this year, I’ve set my reading goal at 150 books. I was surprised when my good reads said I have completed 48 books in Q1. Most of the books are complimentary ARCs that I received from authors, publishers and marketing firms, and I’m grateful for their generosity.  I’m also thankful for all the readers and followers of my blog and on social media.

Light some candles, unwrap a couple of chocolates, slip into something comfortable, keep the coffer maker warm and get ready to turn up the heat with some of the best romance novels of Q1 2020 on my shelf.

Here is list of some of the book recommendation. In Random order.

 1) Sweet Temptation by Cora Reily 

Amazon link

It’s a contemporary mafia romance. Cassio and Guilia enter into a traditional arrange marriage. Cassio Moretti is left with two small children to take care for alone. As Underboss of Philadelphia he already has his hands full with ruling over his territory. The barely eighteen-year-old Giulia Rizzo, herself is a child. One doesn’t become women in one day, just because she turned 18. But Giulia was definitely not a girl. She was more mature women and smart women. Having no experience with small children, she’s willing to learn and take good care of them and their father. Giulia was more than I expected. She’s adorable, caring, outspoken, sassy and insolent. She knows when to fight back and she will fight tooth and nail for her family.

My complete review :

It was total pleasure seeing them bond and fall in love with each other and fight for their family and their own happily ever after. Cora has found the perfect balance between developing Giulia and Cassio’s characters and their relationship as a couple and as parents. Pick this and enjoy the world of Giulia and Cassio

2) Resurrection (The sainthood – boys of Lowell high #1) By Siobhan Davis 

Amazon link:

Resurrection is the first book in “The Sainthood – Boys of Lowell High #1” Trilogy. It’s YA, full-length reverse harem dark romance novel with enemies-to-lovers/bullying themes. This is book is apt for reader who loves a Kick ass Heroine and dirty talking 4 alpha men.

The twist, turns, secrets, and lies in this book, I never knew what was going to happen next. Every secret exposed led to another to uncover. Everyone had a secret and a motive for doing what they were doing.v

Complete review:

This book has all, Secrets, twists, hot romance and thriller. All packed in a gorgeous package. Note, that book2 will be released on April 10th.

 3) Web of Desires Trilogy is complete (Spark/Flame/Ashes) by Aleatha Romig

Amazon Link:

This Trilogy is complete. No one writes dark suspense romance better than Aleatha (IMO). She has been my Favorite author for a long time now and I have never been disappointed in any of her dark reads.

Spark kicked off another captivating and enthralling series which was set in the same dangerous underworld of Chicago as Secrets and Twisted (you need not have to read these series to know about Sparrow world).

My complete review:

This series is thrilling, full of suspense, passion, danger and so many twists that will leave you craving the next book like your first coffee in the morning. I definitely recommend this series.

4) Stain by Mindy Hayes

Amazon Link

It’s a romantic suspense and psychological thriller. Its, riveting, engrossing, unique story that held my attention and did not let go. This story was unlike anything I’ve ever read.

 A rock sensation.
A Hollywood starlet.
A reclusive journalist.

Full review:

This romantic phycological suspense is one that will keep you guessing and keep pulling the rug when you least expect it. Stain was a phenomenal read. Go ahead and enjoy this wild rollercoaster Romantic Psychological Suspense.

5) Twin Lies Duet (Kiss me with lies and Bury me with lies) by S.M.Soto 

Amazon link –

This duet is complete. It’s a story about twin sisters. One of them is murdered. Even after 9 years other sister is not ready to let go. Police conclude the case with no suspects and clues and closes it as unsolved. Other sister has a fair idea about the killer, its pointing towards 5 town royalties. Now they are hot shot billionaires in LA. Trouble wrapped up in gorgeous packaging. Now it’s up to her to uncover the truth.

Two sisters

One unsolved murder

A sickening plot for revenge

Complete review:

It’s a fabulous romantic suspense story filled with twists and turns and full of steamy passion and nail biting angsty suspense.

Have you already read any of these recomended books? Do let me know your opinion. if you didn’t like any book, still drop in your comments to let me and other readers know your views. Were these blurbs interesting? Pick up, read and comment.

I hope you’ll enjoy this.

Happy reading, everyone!


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