Contemporary Romance Fiction

Stolen Soulmate (Crowne Point #2) By Mary Catherine Gebhard

Title: Stolen Soulmate (Crowne Point #2) 

Author: Mary Catherine Gebhard 

My Rating: 3/4 

Type: Can start as a standalone but ends with cliffhanger. Book 1 

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Angst Royal Romance 

Narration: Dual POV 

Primary Characters: Grayson & Story 


Note: Can’t be read as standalone. Ends with cliffhanger 

I honestly don’t know how to rate this book. I have several complains, first, not highlighting this as a duet or ends with cliffhanger, you can tell me I was ignorant, but that’s not my main issue at all. 

Writing style is super but it’s just too much for my taste. This book was too much of an angst, complexed, complicated, even emotionally twisted and too messy for my likings. 

I got carried away with the blurb and reviews. Grayson is jerk, which I expected as it was bully romance, but the push and pull between them was too much. I can’t stand the guy, his traits were not portrayed very well, it kept on toggling between soft and cruel. 

“Brutal kisses and gentle words or gentle kisses and brutal word”– that was exactly how this was. 

I have never seen such a doormat heroine. Not that she was bad, but I just can’t stand such doormat heroines (Just not for me). In the full book, I couldn’t understand her character at all. She just takes all, without a hitch of self-respect and preservation. She might be a maid in the Crowne household, that doesn’t justify her character.

Complains on a story- Never see your employer in the eye. If you do so, it’s a punishable offense. What non-sense? Their conversation starts and end with we aren’t meant to be together, I can understand if it’s in the back of your mind but in every conversation, it’s too much. Mistress? These days? May be I m leaving in a different era and world.

Plot moved in slow pace for me. Push and pull between main characters was too much to take.  

Secondary Characters – General opinion on Charlotte (Lottie) is that, she is sweet, cute and caring, but I felt it was bluff, her true characters were hidden. If that’s not the case (IMO), it felt unnatural. Woodsy was good, as an uncle. Abigail was defiantly not intriguing at all. Who wants to read a story about her and her lap dog? 

Overall, this much of an angst, complicated, messy romance is not for me. I’m undecided if I will read the next book, I do have some interest in how the story concludes but we’ll have to see if I still care enough at the end of May to read it and since it is not on KU I’m not sure I want to find out enough to buy it. 

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