Contemporary Romance Fiction

Royal Bully (Mafia Royals #0.5) by Rachel Van Dyken

Title: Royal Bully (Mafia Royals #0.5) 

Author: Rachel Van Dyken

My Rating: 1/2

Type: Series. Prequel to book 1

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Mafia Romance

Narration: Dual POV

Primary Characters: Asher and Claire

Secondary Characters: Junior, Serena and entire Cosa Nostra gang from Eagle Elite series

Source: Courtesy of Author/Publisher – ARC


I voluntarily read an ARC of this book in exchange for honest review.

Note: It’s a prequel book to her new second generation Eagle Elite series.

IMO – I couldn’t understand how title name is linked with the story. It doesn’t have any bullying theme or contents. Title name doesn’t affect my review or rating.

Even though I have heard of her first-generation books, I haven’t read them.  I directly dived into this series. This book gives a quick preview of what’s coming in the next book. It shows family and rules which bind them means more than everything.

Book starts with Asher and Claire’s meeting each other and how they dive into their relationship. They dive, not meet, not talk, not steady or fast steps. Asher gives Claire introduction to his family. They slowly understand her connection to family and how she is binded in that. She truly doesn’t have a choice but yet she has illusion that she can move away from Mafia family. Now she is torn between choosing Asher and moving away from the family.

Asher is charming. He comes off as cool, arrogant, co*ky, but his role in his family business is too much. It has him on the thread, yet he chooses to bear the burden. Claire could have been more, but good for a prequel. Claire’s dilemma, survival and Asher’s sanity are weighing her down, but will she be able to bear that weight? Let’s see more of her in upcoming books. This book gives us an understanding of what went through in the background between Serena and Junior. This also shows every one’s part played for current Serena and Junior situation.

Its a short and fast read. I m only rating it low for lagging in depth of character, but for a short prequel its good. It gives exact indication of what went down in background.

Let’s see what Author has in store for Serena and Junior’s journey. Bring it on.

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