Contemporary Romance Fiction

The Devil’s Kiss: A Dark Romance by MV Kasi

Title: The Devil’s Kiss: A Dark Romance

Author: M.V. Kasi

My Rating:

Type: Standalone

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Mafia Romance, Indian- Anti-hero Romance

Narration: Limited third person

Primary Characters: Anirudh & Aditi

Source: Free in KU


Refreshing, Indianized, beautifully written, captivating story with a gripping narration.

I was looking for some Indianized Romance and picked this as I had read few other books of this author. I could tell author has come a long way in this. It’s extremely well written and wonderfully portraited anti-hero, love story.

As blurb says: Aditi had her future planned. She would marry her sweet boyfriend, live a simple life. Things change when she comes home to seek her father’s blessings to marry her boyfriend. Now she is expected to marry Anirudh Shaurya – Known as the devil because of his ruthlessness and brutality. She is not ready to accept her so-called destiny, but she is determined not to give in.

Anirudh is the heir to a powerful family who are well-feared and revered in the world of business, crime and politics. He is handsome, strong, ruthless and powerful. Aditi is strong willed, determined and adorable. Now they have entered into this marriage head-on. Will she be able to survive the Devil?

There chemistry is intense and sizzling hot. It has lots of twists, turns and enough intriguing suspense.  What motives does Devil have in marrying Aditi? Will she ever be able to come out of Devil’s glitches? Is the cost of betrayal too heavy?

Plot is engaging with well-built characters and a gripping narration. Even though narration style seems limited third person, it was almost as good as Dual POV. There are very few secondary characters. Siva seems charming. Vijay as a brooding loyal friend was intriguing, hope to see more of them in some other books. Suki and Keshav were delightful.

This book is one delicious treat you don’t want to miss. Compelling and filled to the brim with mafia goodness. Pick this and enjoy Aditi and Anirudh’s world of crime and power.

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