Contemporary Romance Fiction

Beneath The Lies (Forgotten #1) by Sapna Bhog

Title: Beneath The Lies (Forgotten #1)

Author: Sapna Bhog

My Rating: ****1/2

Type: Series. Book 1

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Indian Romance, Interracial Romance

Narration: Dual POV

Primary Characters: Aaliya & Damien

Source: Free in KU


Note: Ends with mild cliffhanger

I have enough ARC’s in my queue, but I sort of had a block to read books, I wasn’t enjoying it, so I  was looking for a light read and picked this book based on KU recommendation without realizing it’s a cliffhanger. I prefer reading the series in one shot instead of long wait for next book.

This is my first book of this Author. Well written with enough intrigue and an engaging fast paced plot. Aaliya and Damien are married and have loved each other for several years. Damien leaves to London for work and meets with an accident. Due to this he is suffering from some form of partial amnesia. As blurb says, now he doesn’t remember his 5 years with Aaliya. His real identity as English Duke has come to light and Aaliya is struggling to accept it. From a regular girl from India to wife of an English duke who doesn’t remember her is a big change to her. Is she ready for this new phase of life? Will Damien accept her? How much is she willing to sacrifice for her love? What secrets did Damien keep from her for 5 years?

The book follows a lot of twist and turns. Aaliya has to make Damien remember her, it’s not easy because now he is no more a simple man. Lot of threats loom around them with several players. With circumstances surrounding the accident it’s difficult to trust anyone. His attraction for Aaliya vs his responsibilities as a Duke is weighing heavily on Damien. Is Damien ready to choose? If so, what choice? Is he ready to bare the repercussions of that choice? Read and know more.

Plot is engaging and fast paced with simple language. Character and plot development were gradual and good. Totally loved Jonathan and Gabe. Gabe was good as a loyal friend. Definitely more intrigued with Jonathan, let’s see what author has in store for us about him in next book. Would like to see more of Mike and his talent.

If you are in mood to enjoy a light and an engaging romantic suspense then this is for you. Enjoy

Check Author Interview Here: Meet the Author – Sapna Bhog

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