Contemporary Romance Fiction

The Sham (Convenience #1) by Stella Grey

Title: The Sham (Convenience #1)

Author: Stella Gray

My Rating:

Type: Series. Book1

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Marriage of Convenience

Narration: Dual POV

Primary Characters: Luka and Brooklyn

Source: Courtesy of Author/ Publisher – ARC

Buy link:

I had met Luka in the “Arranged series”. Even though I didn’t like him much in the first 2 books, he was intriguing enough in the last one. This story is about Luka and Brooklyn with a bonus of meeting Tori and Stefen on some occasions in this book.

After shady dealings and image of KMZ going in drain, Stefan and Luka are working hard in Danica Rose modelling agency (former KMZ) by renaming the brand and image of the company. However, Luka’s former playboy image is making it hard for them.  Stefen comes up with marriage option for Luka but he doesn’t want to be tied.

Brooklyn is a model and looking for a big career shift. She thinks a contract with DRM modelling will give her that and attends the interview even if she is aware that Luka may be present. She has a brief history with Luka, even though she is not able to forget him she is ready to ignore that for a modelling shift. However, interview turns out to be totally different than her expectation.

As blurb says, they enter into a marriage of convenience where she gets a career shift and Luka can clear his image. But their sham of a marriage is not as easy as they initially thought. Feelings and jealousy gets involved and they don’t seem fake anymore. Watching these two crush on each other in secret and try to maintain the deal between them was quite entertaining.

Will they be able to uphold the deal? Will they be able to get past their feelings for one another?

It was fun connecting back with Tori and Stefen for few brief moments. Emzee was lovely. Mateo was intriguing, let’s see what author has in store for us with him. Plot moves in steady pace. Writing style is simple and good. This book ends with cliffhanger.

Overall, this book has secrets, emotions, drama, and chemistry which makes it an entertaining read. If you are looking for entertaining marriage of convenience book then you can pick this up.

I voluntarily read an ARC of this book in exchange for honest review.

Blurb as per good reads

Our marriage is a sham. I’m the first to admit it. Only privately, of course.  
Notorious playboy Luka Zoric needs a wife, and the good PR it brings.  
I just need the career boost being his top model will give me. It’s a win-win–on paper. But since when has real life been simple?  
His jealousy makes me crazy.  
The control he maintains over my body is unacceptable.  
I really shouldn’t be so turned on by it.  
But there’s more to both me and my husband than meets the eye.  
And it isn’t long before I’m wondering–which of us has made the bigger mistake?

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