My Midnight Moonlight Valentine by JJ McAvoy

Title: My Midnight Moonlight Valentine 

Author: J.J. McAvoy 

My Rating:

Type: Not sure if its duet or series at this point of time. 

Genre: Paranormal/ Fantasy Romance 

Narration: Single POV 

Primary Characters: Druella & Theseus 

Secondary Characters: Rhea, Sigbjorn, Hinrik, Arsiein, Atarah, Ulrik, Melora, Lucy, Taelon 

Source: Courtesy of Author/Publisher – ARC 

I voluntarily read an ARC of this book in exchange for honest review. 

This book is different from that of JJ’s other book series. I haven’t read several paranormal/ fantasy series, but from what I have read, this book is different even for that. 

First, looking at blurb don’t jump into conclusion that it’s just a vampire love story. This book has lot to offer more than a love story.  Several times during the book it felt like I have been sitting in “Introduction to world history” Classes (Not in a bad way, extremely interesting way). This book touches upon world history from 8th century to French revolution and continues with world war to current contemporary world. Author has touched on several parts of “History of classic Arts” to conservation and restoration of Arts along with several segments of Greek mythology.  

As blurb says, a young vampire Druella’s life gets changed all of a sudden after meeting a millennium year old vampire who has lost his memory of last century. He seems to be sure that she is his mate. Now the question raises how he is sure or what exactly has he forgotten or how he ended up in such situation. When they start dwelling into it, we get to know more of vampire families, how humans and witches are linked. It explains politics, social systems, royalties, borders and other diverse groups of their world. Even though most parts of it are fantasy, it was lovely how author linked up several instances like Puritans of 16th century, other history and art to her story.  This book is diverse, it covers from humans, vampires, witches, ghosts to goddess.  

Characters – Totally loved Druella. Initially I thought she is meek and subservient but she turned out to be cool, strong, powerful and independent with her own set of skills. Theseus was totally lovable and charming. He seemed persistent and stubborn. I feel somehow his skills were not projected well.  Totally loved the banter between these 2 main protagonists along with Ulrik and Melora. I just liked almost all the secondary characters. I was extremely intrigued by Sigbjorn and his skills. Hinrek and Arsiein were lovely. Hope to see them all more. 

Story went in study pace. I felt, it dragged a bit at certain points but author has made it up with witty banter just post that so that can be excused. I was ROFL in pigs can fly scene.   

Over all, this book is a delicious pack with right amount of art, history, romance, suspense, action witty banter and thrill. It’s a great start but waiting for next book till next year is too much. if you are into paranormal fantasy romance give this a try.  


Blurb as per Goodreads

Druella Monroe is a vampire, but she hasn’t been one for long. Ever since her rebirth a year ago, she’s done her best to live a quiet, peaceful life as an art conservator and restorationist at The National Gallery of Art. All she wants is to blend in with the humans.

However that all gets thrown out the window one night while hunting in Great Falls Park, where Druella comes across a naked vampire with no memory of how he got there, or the last century for that matter. All he seems to be sure of is that she is his soulmate…and he won’t leave without her.

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