Mrs Funnybones by Twinkle Khanna

Title: Mrs Funnybones

Author: Twinkle Khanna

My Rating:

Type: Standalone

Genre: Indian Humor

Narration: Single POV

Source: My Purchased digital copy

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I was looking for some Indian humorous book and this book came up in recommendations. I was little skeptical when I picked it as author was popular as actress. This book surpassed my expectations and made me laugh out loud on several instances.

“She is just like you and a lot like me” and my thoughts were how can she be a just like me? Now I can relate, this entire book consists of several scenes and chorus from her everyday life. From being a daughter, wife, mother, daughter –in-law, working as interior designer and her jiggle to maintain balance in life is explained in witty comments with a sarcastic touch.

This book is endearing, funny, well wit, along with the presentation of the book that wins. There is no sequence to any chapters. It is a witty banter bound with the English alphabet, so we have 26 chapters, each with one letter of the alphabet starting the title. She gives realistic thoughts on “Do we prepare our children to accept failure?” and the difference between “trying and holding on”. She even tells in some chapter that how it’s a random chance that one is born in certain race, religion and boundaries. It doesn’t make one group better than other and it’s how we perceive and take it from there.

Even though daily chorus are highlighted well, it gives the readers a view of privileged life, perks of being a celebrity on her own and being actor’s wife. This may not be the case with many of us, but we can still relate to similar instances as it’s a part and parcel of several women’s life in India.

In essence what I liked was maybe her approach to life, where an irritating situation had something funny to it too. A quick, entertaining, hilarious read. Happy reading.

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