The Tech by Mark Ravine

Title: The Tech

Author: Mark Ravine

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐1/2

Type: Standalone

Genre: Crime Thriller

Narration: Multiple View Point

Primary Characters: Alexandra, Patrick(Val), John, Don, Nancy, Gabriella, Mike

Source:  Courtesy of Author/publisher

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Blurb as per Goodreads

Alexandra has just taken charge of her new team, a motley crew of screw-ups at the Arizona Field Office, the latest in a series of forgettable assignments. With a history of rebelling against authority and blunt speaking, she vows to change her ways and make this assignment work.

Within minutes of her taking charge, she is drawn into a bank robbery case. She leads her new team to catch the robbers but discovers that there is much more to the case than meets the eye. The very next day three girls go missing. Before they could be trafficked out of the country, she races against time to rescue them. Soon, she begins to realize that all the cases coming her way are mysteriously connected. As she unravels the threads of a massive conspiracy, she discovers that a secret organization with immense power and authority is behind these horrific crimes. Forces within the FBI thwart her every move to discover the truth. Helping her navigate this maze is the shadowy Michael Patterson. But can she trust him? Can she trust anyone? Soon, witnesses disappear, suspects are killed, with her life and the lives of her team in lethal danger. Will she come out of this alive? Will she uncover and expose this cabal? As time starts running out, Alexandra Cassidy has to evade indictment and defy death in a deadly game of cat and mouse.


This is a debut contemporary crime thriller by Mark Ravine. It is intense, engaging & lengthy book. It took double the time than my average reading time. I devoured the book entire time. It didn’t slack anywhere, it felt like it was written by a seasoned writer. Blurb summarizes the plot very well.

Alexandra is transferred to Arizona and is leading a team of FBI misfits. All of them have their own black marks in job. From the day she takes charge several cases are thrown in her way. Everyone has different expertise; Alexandra slowly unearths her team’s potential.  We follow Alexandra and her team when they investigate several cases from robbery, kidnapping, murder to weapons smuggling. Each chapter is dedicated to one case, it felt like I was watching CID TV series. As soon as they finish solving one case temporarily, they will jump to another. Slowly they start realizing the mysterious connection between each case and mysteries help they are receiving for solving the case.

Interaction between Alexandra and her team is good. They have a good witty banter and open tactical mind to solve case and they won’t back out to on taking risk in field. Technology used are explained in a layman’s perspective.

We meet several secondary characters in this. I like Chief Kane than every one else. Some twists were unexpected especially climax. This book focuses on how technology can be better utilized in a constructive way.  

Book lacked in emotional connection. We see more of Alexandra’s internal monolog than others, it focuses on case solving monologue, due to which I couldn’t feel connected with several other characters. Even though it lagged in emotional connection it was compensated by action packed thriller.  

Being an Indian reader, I had tough time understanding the difference between each department. It took me some time to distinguish ATF, homicide, DEA, FBI, OPR and local cops, but I could catch up to it after some time.

I’d recommend it to readers who enjoy detective mysteries and crime action thrillers and won’t mind extensive technology usage. Looking forward to read more stories from this author.

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