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Beach Vs Mountain

This old age debate has been going on several social circles for a long time. The might of mountains or depths of water? The peace and quiet of mountains or the sound of waves crashing? Serene and tranquil mountain retreat or A lovely laid-back beach vacation? The choices may differ for every traveler. This topic is quite subjective and matter of personal preference. There’s no wrong way to vacation. As long as you’re having fun and you relax, it’s time well spent. Some people have the blessing of living in both. When faced with the polar opposite choice, I have always chosen mountains. That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy beaches. I love the waves roll and those magically sunrises and sunsets equally.  


Mountains, are for more of balanced travelers who love to be around nature. Mountains have always been my way of escapism from reality. I’m not talking about a relaxed weekend on a hill station. I’m talking about hiking on an endless secluded trail for hours. It invigorates me in a way that nothing else can do. To me, peace exists in the whispers of trees, the mile-high breezes and an endless horizon. Void of all unsightly details, mountain views are the best ways to see Earth as it should be. 

Mountains live by its own rules, unaffected by the pettiness of our style, social status, Political agenda and all the weight bogging down our everyday lives. The higher the climb, the more rewarding the view, both on the way as well as at the top. When you feel close enough to touch the stars, you start to comprehend how small you truly are in the universe. Those sore calf muscles, heavy heartbeats along with mild short breathlessness make the problems at home look petty and clears my mind and energizes me and gives me hope to face everything. 

There was a time when I ran away from my marital problems to find solace, in the slops of Himalayan mountain and had a near death experience due to unexpected snow storms. That didn’t diminish my allure for the mountains, it only enhanced it and made me appreciate all the things I had in life. 

Snow or lush green mountain?


I always felt a longing to be near the water. It may be a beach or river, doesn’t matter to me. They are many people around me who doesn’t enjoy the might’s of mountain the same way as me. Its then that I choose the sea breeze blowing on my face. Collapsing on the hot sand of a beautiful beach looking out at the enormous ocean, listening to the crashing waves and breathe in the distinctive ocean air. Staring at a large body of water brings my brains a sense of calm akin to being in a meditative state. 

The crashing of the waves or the sounds of river soothes so deeply and cleanses my mind. When I was tired of dealing with another conjugal problem of changing diapers every day, I eloped to the beaches of Vietnam and Cambodia with my babes to find the serenity of life. It was exactly what I got. I came back much calmer and dived in to solve all problems. 

If you’ve ever sat staring at an ocean and found that your problems seem to melt away as a sense of peace overcomes you, you’re not alone.  

Rock Beaches

You can choose both or either. Being in India, you may find plenty of places with combo of mountain and river (Not beaches), take your time, think of your mood and interest and then decide.  

if you are lucky, you can be in place like this

Which one do you prefer? Mountains or Beach? Are you torn between your love for both, like me? Tell me your favorite destination for finding your inner happy place and why you love it so much. 

2 thoughts on “Beach Vs Mountain

  1. The mountains are like crowns of mother earth and there wouldn’t be any reason for not liking them. I truely realized the heavenliness of mountains after my maiden Himalayan trek. In the other end, beaches are no less than mountains where one would love to spend time out there relax facing cool breeze.
    In short, I personally love both and a mountain next to beach would be a combo which is in my bucket list!!
    Well done writing this, keep them coming darling!


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