The Flower and the Wolf by Ruth Danes

Title:  The Flower and the Wolves

Author: Ruth Danes

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

Type: Duet. Can be read as stand alone

Genre: Contemporary women fiction

Narration Style: Single POV

Primary Characters: Lily Hundreds, Iago Fitzevans

Source: Courtesy of Author/ Publisher – ARC

Buy link: https://www.amazon.in/Flower-Wolf-Sheep-Wolves-Book-ebook/dp/B089CJ12FB


This book is journey of young girl named Lily from her early childhood till her twenties. Her initial childhood is smooth till her fathers death and her mother’s remarriage. Post that, being an ignorant child along with bullying and attempt to sexual assault at school will drive her to take drastic decision at the teen age. She meets Iago who is 11 years elder to her, when she is at the lowest point in her early teens.

Life takes a different turn post her meet with Iago, who is a well known Chef.  Lily befriends Iago’s sister Isla and starts feeling for Iago from young age. I felt Lily got confused with gratitude and love, but as author told, age and maturity varies from person to person. Iago will not have feelings for her till she is 16 and Iago has his own secrets.

Lily achieves her wildest dream as a band’s one of the lead singer. With successful career, wealth comes a different acquisitions and attention of tabloids. Her relationship with Iago will be shamed  in public stating Iago was grooming her from young age. Iago has his own secrets which might threaten Lily’s career. What’s Iago Secrets? Will others accept their relationship? Does Lily rethinks her decision? Will she get her HEA?

Plot moved in a study pace. Its an extremely lengthy novel with a nice and simple writing style. Even though plot is moved in chronological order, i felt like there was no central theme. It felt like reading someone’s journal at times, where the person has scrabbled all their thoughts. 

Secondary Characters– Their are too many secondary characters who will come and go in Lily’s life. I honestly didn’t keep a track of it after certain point. Priya  as a best friend was good and supportive. Apart from Priya, we see Isla, Keeley, Bella, Amber, Aunt Elspeth, Uncle Tim and several other. I did feel sorry for Keeley and Bella the way life took them. But the drama between them was too much to endure and they took up several unnecessary scenes.

What i didn’t like: Book lagged in relationship building between main protagonist . Iago secrets and their relationship building took complete back spot. I couldn’t judge the depth of Iago character as book is from single point of view and his entry wasn’t continuous. Book wandered about her entire life and too much focus was on the drama created by Bella during their tour and too many scenes involved her. Lily seemed too mature for 16 at some points. Due to several secondary characters and scenes it lagged to hold interest for longer while. It was like jotting down all day to day life activities and conversation which will take back stage after some days. I personally feel, book name and cover wouldn’t give this book a  proper justice.

Lines from book i liked– “Age does not automatically equate to dignity, wisdom, integrity and good judgement”

Overall, Its a good one time read for people who would like to know the life story of an another person. This story definitely feels realistic and many scenes would make you feel like this can happen to any one.

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