Contemporary Romance Fiction

Empire of Lies by Whitney G

Title: Empire of Lies (Empire of Lies – #1-3) 

Author: Whitney G. 

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ 

Type: Trilogy. This book consists of all 3 books in one. 

Genre: Contemporary Romance Fiction, Romantic Suspense 

Narration Style: Dual POV 

Primary Characters: Michael & Meredith  


I have read several books of Whitney before and I generally pick her books whenever I’m in mood for some light reads.  Somehow, I struggled to be really invested in this. 

King of Lies – Book/Episode 1 

Firstly, the story starts off in present, where Meredith tries to escape from her husband and gets caught by him who has kept her captive. He has created a situation where he has made the world believe she has disappeared on her own. Story then winds back to the beginning to explain how that happened. 

Meredith is an heiress; she is now working as an assistant and takes another side job on the weekends sometimes. She hasn’t touched her inheritance for a reason. She is still recovering from the loss of her mother.  She finds someone on Tinder and they go back & forth and finally meet face to face. Michael owns a popular club in the city and does some shady business along with that. When Meredith questions Michaels credibility on tinder, they meet face to face and hit off. 

It’s a short story and lagged seriously in relationship building. They just hit off based on physical love. But we get to know more of Michaels motive here. 

Queen of Lies – Book/Episode 2 

Even this book toggles between past and present. We see Michael motives and interest in Meredith in book 1. He has kept his shady part hidden from his wife. Meredith has her own secrets. I loved the way she tries to escape the captivity of her husband.  Her attempts were appreciable. Some escape instances really made me laugh out loud. She isn’t aware why she is captive yet. 

Meredith’s secrets came as a surprise. This book lagged in depth of character and plot. Trevor and Michael backstory at the end of this book solidified the plot, but still lagged in intimate connection between protagonists. There are no intriguing secondary characters apart from Trevor. Plot moved in fast pace as it’s a short read. 

Legacy of Lies – Book/Episode 3 

Michael reveals his secrets and tell Meredith about the situation of why she is being captive and finds a solution of his own to help her in his own way.  Michael even reveals that he is aware of secrets. Now that they are aware of each other’s lies and problems, they have work together to solve it or get separated. Well, you can guess how it ends. Yes, in this last installment all questions are answered and sticky situations are solved. 

Bottom line – It’s a short, fast paced story with some twists and turns. If you are a Whitney fan, then you can read this without any inhabitation and expectation for one-time entertainment. 

Source: Free in KU

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