Haze by Rebecca Crunden

Title: Haze 

Author: Rebecca Crunden 

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐1/4 


Genre: Paranormal Mystery 

Narration: Limited Third Person 

Primary Characters: Erik, Eliza, Miles, Roger 

Review 4

haven’t read much in paranormal mystery genre, when I got an opportunity to review this book, I happily took it up as I wanted to know different people and cultural thoughts on this. 

Book started out to be a great read with promising plot. Eliza gets a strange call from Paige where Paige introduces herself and says she used to date Erik and wants to discuss some important matter. Eliza will be all set to go when Erik (Eliza’s Fiancée) informs her she is dead for years. Things change when Sam, Eliza’s older sister informs that, she has met Paige and she doesn’t have any good things to tell about Erik. This fight between Eliza, Erik, Sam and Maya (Sam’s girlfriend) turns out to be fatal. Sam will be arguing one minute and next she is pushed and hit her head and loses her life.  Book takes a different turn from here and starts after 5 years. 

Erik had disappeared for years post that incident and now he is back in town. Erik and Eliza want to relook into the matter of how exactly Sam died few years ago or who impersonated as Paige and spoke with Sam. With a great start and few sequences this book gave a wonderful promising build for paranormal mystery.  

What happened with Sam and Paige? 

The way it started out was great, however the climax was totally messed up. Book explores the impact of grief on mental health, addictions of alcoholism and drug. Mystery was quite intriguing till mid of the book. Post that it had too many up’s and downs. Initial supernatural elements came out well but climax was too contrived for my taste.  

Writing style is nice. Plot is ok. Book did lag in character development. Promise of one ghost was fine, but it turned out to be totally different with entire new world in the end. It was like merging different worlds in same story.  The connection from prologue was good, but it got tied to so many people except for the one he is trying, which wasn’t so good, yet understandable. History of Erik’s birth, including Sael and Erik’s mom, was tooo over the top. Spoiler Alert Here — Can ghost have a kid with human? Heights… 

Characters – Eliza was sort of dull, agreed she suffered from grief but no other characteristics of her got highlighted. Erik was ok, he had lot of potential, but hasn’t come out very well.  Miles was awesome as a best friend. He was there for Eliza and Erik whenever its required.  Character of Roger was unique. I don’t know how to describe Sael, 🙄mehhh….Reaper..😕. 

Overall, it’s an ok read. I would recommend this book for people who like supernatural mystery, ghosts along with some elements of love. 

Source: Courtesy of Author/ Publisher – ARC 

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