Contemporary Romance Fiction

Hate thy Neighbor By S M Soto

Title: Hate thy Neighbor 

Author: SM Soto 

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐1/2 

Type: Standalone 

Genre: Contemporary Fiction Romance, Rom-Com, Enemies to Lovers romance 

Primary Characters: Roman & Olivia 

Narration: Dual POV 

My thoughts

This is enemies to lover’s romantic comedy story. My quirk for wit is little different than that of this book. Yes, some instances were funny and it did bring a smile on my face but not the whole book. By the name of the book you guessed it right. Yes, the main protagonists are neighbors in this. 

Book starts with Olivia moving into a quaint house after a failed engagement and is striving for independence.  She has overprotective parents with her mom being sex therapist. Olivia is annoyed with her mom’s all-time advice on having a O.  Roman is her hot neighbor who is rude and jerk to her from the beginning for no reasons.  

Olivia is sweet and cute. Roman is brooding, rude neighbor. Their paths cross several times even if they don’t wish. Push and pull between them along with sexual tension will lead them to prank war. I liked vinegar and painting prank. I loved the depth of Roman character. His background and struggles to be a better person and his determination to meet ends along with getting his brother back was warming. Olivia’s nature to please others was very sweet. Her love for animals and her way of taking things lighter & independent is cute. I was expecting this book to be more of wit somehow, it wasn’t much about that. 

Nice plot with easy flow and pleasant writing style. I liked all the secondary characters in the book. Olivia’s brother, parents, Roman’s brother and yes, Max (loved him). 

Overall, this book is good for people who like enemies to lover’s genre. Happy reading. 

Source: Courtesy of Author/Publisher – ARC

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Blurb as per good reads

Fresh out of a failed engagement, Olivia Hales is in dire need of a fresh start. Tired of being the charming and accommodating girl that always gets stomped on, she’s determined to change her outlook on life. When she finds her dream job in a small town in California, she thinks she’s finally found her place in life. That is, until she meets her new neighbor.

Roman Banks.




And the hottest man on the planet.

At a sprawling six foot five, he was coldly distant and physically intimidating. Not only was her new neighbor a God that was good with his hands, he was also a grade-A jerk. Trapped on the same street, sharing the same space together, they’ve become entrenched in an addictive, ridiculous, never-ending game of insults and pranks that result in the destruction of two perfectly good homes.

The tension between them is as thick as the walls of their houses are thin. Roman’s touch burned like fire even when his words were ice, and both of them will stop at nothing to make the others life hell. In the midst of the pranks and the hate they harbor for each other, Olivia slowly pulls back the layers of the man next door and finds herself consumed with wanting to fix him and his past.

When both enemies start to catch feelings for each other, Olivia finds herself hiding her own secrets, not wanting to lose another man in her life. Lines are drawn. Strict rules put into place. But that doesn’t stop Olivia from wanting to save the quiet, broody man next door.

They say you’re supposed to love thy neighbor, but that was the furthest emotion she felt when thinking about Roman. Hate was all there was to their relationship. At the very least, that’s what she tried to tell herself.

Hate Thy Neighbor is a full length Enemies-to-Lovers standalone. 

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