Contemporary Romance Fiction

The Billionaire Needs a Bodyguard by Ravina Hilliard

Title: The Billionaire Needs a Bodyguard 

Author: Ravina Hilliard 

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ 

Type: Standalone 

Genre: Contemporary Fiction Romance 

Primary Characters: Michael, Alexandra (Lex) 

Narration: Limited third person 

Review 4

When I read the blurb, I was skeptical on how this turns out. A female bodyguard pretending to be escort and main protagonist Michael thinking her as con artist seemed like a different corner in the triangle. After reading the book, it does make sense and how they are all interlinked. 

Lex does her job of protecting someone who doesn’t want to be protected. He thinks he is not in danger. Lex is pushed in corner by her boss and she reluctantly agrees to protect billionaire Michael by posing as an escort.  Michael doesn’t have a clue on her real profession and treats her badly thinking she is con artist. Lex isn’t deterred by his behavior and accompanies him to Denmark on his business trip.  

Lex is strong and good at her work. At the same time she is also emotional and loses control on emotions easily. Michael is confident and rude. Individual characteristics are explored so well in the book. Sparks and chemistry between them were good.  I didn’t personally like the relationship building. Even though both of them were true to themselves, I felt, they lagged in showcasing true traits with each other. I didn’t like the part where Lex is insecure about her femininity. She fell too easily and too fast for Michael. Author could have added prolog and epilogue. Epilogue would give an added weightage for HEA books.  

Plot was ok with an engaging narration style. I would have liked it more if this would have been from dual POV. There was no other intriguing secondary character apart from Kyle. Kyle seemed professional and lovely at the same time.  

Overall, this book has some amount of suspense, thrill and light action. Ending was a bit cliché and rushed for my liking yet, it’s an entertaining light one time read for contemporary romance book lovers. 

Source: Courtesy of Author/Publisher – ARC

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Blurb as per good reads

Desire is the deadliest weapon…
Alexandra “Lex” Granger surrounds herself with wealthy, powerful businessmen. But she’s no gold-digger… She’s a highly trained private security consultant. And she gives the term ‘undercover’ new meaning when she poses as a high-priced escort to protect her new client, Michael Thornton.

There’s just one problem with her plan… 

Michael doesn’t know the truth. Despite the death threats he’s received, the last thing this handsome billionaire wants is a bodyguard. He’s convinced Lex is really a grifter, a femme fatale who scams rich men for everything that she can get. But before the assignment even begins in earnest, sparks fly and their mutual attraction threatens to distract Liz from doing her job. And she can’t have that, can she?

Even as they flirt with danger in the romantic city of Copenhagen, Lex and Mike embark on a turbulent affair. And Mike realizes that his seductive guardian has awakened a passion in him unlike anything he’s ever felt before. Lex has always lived by one rule – never fall in love with the client. But trapped between temptation and danger, she’s about to put that rule to the ultimate test…

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