My Small, Thin Indian Wedding by Sudesna Ghosh

Title: My Small, Thin Indian Wedding 

Author: Sudesna Ghosh 

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐1/2 

Type: Standalone 

Genre: Contemporary Fiction, Humor 

Primary Characters: Reema, Nishant 


I picked this book randomly when kindle suggested this book under humor genre. I didn’t even read blurb. I just assumed this entire plot would be set in one or two days of marriage scenes. However, it turned out to be more than that. Even though the plot is surrounded around protagonist Rema’s dream to have a simple weeding it covers several realistic aspects of Indian society and Marriage. 

Author has highlighted issue of marrying momma’s boy to expectations from In-laws and relatives and the pressure on women to perform several roles. Some cultural issues like “Women can’t think of casual drink in family or not talk about sex before marriage”. She has even touched upon the issues like “stress and focus on boy child”, “importance of astrology”. 

“But it’s tough to change society mentality. So, you better do what you want and don’t tell” 

 This dialogue did bring a smile of my face. Yes, book also spoke about the “Big Fat Indian Wedding” and how protagonist was considered as outcast for not wanting that sort of marriage.  

Even though these items are not discussed in depth, she has touched several points. Since it was a small book, there was no depth in character as well.  

Overall, this book is thought provoking, simple story. I don’t consider this in Humor genre yet, this book bought a smile on my face throughout. Enjoy reading. 

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Blurb as per good reads

Reema is in love. And she’s ready to get married BUT she doesn’t want the usual big, fat Indian wedding. Unfortunately, the simple, quiet wedding day she wants is unheard of in India.

Will Reema get the small and peaceful special day that she wants? Find out in this family drama laced with laugh out loud moments.

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