Contemporary Romance Fiction

An Uneasy Alliance by Kyra Radcliff

Title: An Uneasy Alliance

Author: Kyra Radcliff

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

Type: Standalone

Genre: Contemporary Fiction Romance

Primary Characters: Katherine James, Tate Reilly

Narration: Limited third person

Review 4

I have received this book from publisher in exchange for an honest review.

An Uneasy Alliance is an okay book for me.  Book starts out exactly the way it’s described in blurb. Katherine James is a Mayor in a small town and meets her brother behind the bars. When he explains that he is framed for theft by his women’s brother, Katherine goes to meet him. She accepts to be his live-in social secretary for few weeks in exchange for dropping the charges against her brother.

Tate is Shrewd, Cunning and Handsome. He is in desperate need for social secretary. He doesn’t do a background check about Kathrine and takes his sister’s word about her. He is unaware that she is Mayor. During their time together, they do develop a truce and sort of companionable relationship. Now their time is up. What happens to Tate and Kate? What about the relationship between main protagonist brother and sister?

When Tate’s sister goes missing, tables are turned and Kathrine will put same condition what he told her. I was intrigued here that how it would turn out, but somehow it didn’t hold my interest for long. Somehow, I couldn’t believe the fact that he isn’t aware of her professional identity even when he enters her town and home. Katherine is strong and Independent. She fell hard and fast for Tate than my liking and it was predictable.

Writing style had few up’s and down. Since its written from limited third person view, it was tough to understand from whose perspective we are reading. It got jumbled at certain places. Plot was simple and little predictable. There were no intriguing secondary characters. Their younger siblings were ok, not so charming or interesting. I didn’t feel the connection and I missed the strong relationship development and building. Relationship building was more on physical terms than on character.

Overall, it’s an Okay book with quick read.  I would recommend you to pick this, if you enjoy a contemporary fiction with a bit of Drama. Enjoy, Happy Reading

 Source: Courtesy of Author/Publisher – ARC

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Blurb As per good reads

A bitter beginning that led to the sweetest ending…

The last thing small town mayor, Katherine James, wants is a call that her brother is behind bars. Not a good look. When she goes to see him, however, he swears that he’s innocent and is being framed by the brother of the woman he loves.

Set on doing whatever it takes to get her brother out of this horrific predicament without employing her powers as mayor, Katherine finds herself agreeing to a bizarre deal with the cunning and wickedly handsome Tate Reilly: Be his live-in social secretary for one month in exchange for dropping the charges against her brother.

Sounds easy enough, right?

But when a quiet, unassuming beauty falls under the command of an arrogant, hot-as-sin jerk, things are bound to get interesting. It’s not long before the searing attraction between the two threatens to consume them both. Weeks later, when the tables turn and Tate finds himself on the other end of the stick this time around, Katherine throws him the same deal that he’d thrown her.

During their last deal, things had gotten far too hot and heavy to contain.

This time, their blazing passion just might burn the house down.

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