Contemporary Romance Fiction

You Are My Reason (You Are Mine #1) by Willow Winters

Title: You Are My Reason (You Are Mine #1) 

Author: Willow Winters 

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐1/2 

Type: Duet (Previously known as Imperfect) 

Genre: Contemporary Fiction Romance 

Primary Characters: Julia (Jules) & Mason 

Narration: Dual POV 

This book is previously titled Imperfect, this new version has been edited and new content added to improve the story. I haven’t read imperfect. I was intrigued by the blurb. However, this book didn’t hold my interest for long. 

Mason Thatcher & Julia Summers are both from families of money. Julia is widowed socialite. She had married her high school sweetheart and he had been her life for long, until it wasn’t. Even after months of his death she is still struggling to overcome his loss. Things aren’t as black and white; she slowly unearths her husband’s secrets. 

Julia meets Mason in bar and end up with him in a one-night stand. Mason has his own burden along with several secrets. Their initial relationship starts physically but soon turns into more. They are two imperfect different type of people, trying to find love in other and for each other. Hidden lies and secrets between them cannot stay buried forever, they can resurface any point of time.  

Will they overcome the havoc created by their buried secrets? Are their pasts linked? Will they be able to trust each other?  

Individual characters were good.  I expected more depth in relationship building, which was missing for me. Jules is constantly worried about what others think and what the papers will print about her, and often times, that borders on frustration. At some points I felt like, it dragged. Writing style and narration are good. There were no intriguing secondary characters. 

If you are looking for some steamy, emotional & mysteries story, then this is for you. 

I voluntarily read an ARC of this book in exchange for honest review. 

Source: Courtesy of Author/Publisher – ARC 

Buy link: 

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