Clean slate by Preeti Rajput

Title: Clean Slate 

Author:  Preeti Rajput 

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐3/4 

Type: Collection of short Stories (12 stories) 

Genre: Collection of short Stories 

Narration: Limited third party  

I did dive into this book like a clean slate with no expectations and prejudice. It had been a long time that I read short stories. This book depicts the several instances which happen in India in the form of short stories.  I could connect with few stories very well, some not so much. 

Some stories depicted here could have happened to you or to some of your dear ones. Each story is different from the other and it varies in different genre. I could see many young college students falling prey for the type of scams depicted in “Sales executive story”. Con tricks depicted in “Green haired fairy story” is practical and many people would have been duped like that. This story had a promising instance’s with weaker plot.  I totally loved “My Tech-Savvy Father”. I had a similar experience with my father and I honestly took the similar extreme measures as depicted in the story. 

I wasn’t able to connect with the fairies and ghost, but I could think of connecting that with intuition.  I felt a lack of connection with the characters. Before I could even start to build up an understanding, the story ends, which I think is ok for these short stories. I would have definitely loved more depth in characters.  Some plots were very engaging. Narration style varied from story to story. I would have loved it more if some stories were more structured and polished.  

Overall, this book has several simple & easy to read stories for everyone. Few stories are bound to stay with you. Give it a try reading it.   

I voluntarily read an ARC of this book in exchange for honest review. 

Buy link : https://www.amazon.in/Clean-Slate-Preeti-Rajput/dp/9354074995

Source: Courtesy of Author/ Publisher – ARC 

Blurb as per good reads

There is a repercussion to every choice we make. Sometimes Immediate. Sometimes Gradual.

“Clean Slate” offers you a collection of fiery stories, woven with characters in the vortex of their ordeals. Will they come out triumphant? …

A young kid appears in Rosie’s dream recurrently every night. One day the kid confronted her in real life and disclosed the reason for coming in her dreams…

Months of leaving school and several applications, Hari has not been able to secure a job. The constant nagging of his father is becoming unbearable, and he has become helpless on what to do until he receives an email…

Anand, who is simply a college professor, gets insulted by one of his students who decide to take revenge on him for speaking the truth…

After falling from a 9ft building, 8-year-old Urvi survives with only but a minor injury on her forehead. Everyone thinks it’s a miracle, but when the wound is nursed, a mark is revealed. A mark that might change Urvi’s destiny and that of her parents. Neighbours and eyewitnesses are bewildered. What could this mean?…

Seven years ago, Vedant was faced with the dilemma of choosing love over his preferred career path. Did his decision lead him to a happy after ending?…

Come aboard on their interesting journey!!

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