Contemporary Romance Fiction

El Diablo II (The Devil #2) By M.Robinson

Title: El Diablo II (The Devil #2) 

Author:  M. Robinson   

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐1/4 

Type: Standalone  

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Mafia Romance, Romantic Suspense 

Narration: Dual POV  

Primary Characters: Cruz & Sienna 

This book is set in M.Robinson’s Mafia world. This is a second-generation book. I haven’t read Alejandro’s story, but this book is intriguing enough to pick his book. This story is enthralling with strong characters and twists that will make the readers anxious and excited at the same time. 

Cruz and Adriana are apple of Alejandro and Lexi’s eye. They have done their best to protect their children from the horrors of their world. They have tried their best to shelter them from the dark web. But one fine day things change when enemies of the past resurface.  How safe can they truly be? Cruz turns from Angel to El Diablo on the day he meets Sienna & unthinkable happens under his watch. 

Sienna is a strong, determined young woman. I loved her spitfire nature. Cruz is loyal and protective of those he loves. He showcases that quite well. He is also arrogant, cruel, ruthless and will stop at nothing to protect his loved ones. I would have loved Cruz more, if author would have described more of his actions on other things apart from his main role, yet it was fulfilling. Sienna & Cruz’s relationship was a slow-burn with lots of verbal banter. Their arguments heated up the pages and I loved the buildup to what I knew would be one passionate and all-consuming connection. 

Well written story with a simple narration style. Plot had several up’s & downs. It moved at slow pace initially it got fast forwarded in the mid and had a steady climax. Even with this several up’s and down’s this book will hold your undivided attention. Totally loved the glimpses of Adriana, Alejandro and Lexi. Can’t wait to unearth the Spin off story of Adriana. 

Overall, I enjoyed the story. It has plenty of angst, mystery, action and drama for an exciting tale. 

I voluntarily read an ARC of this book in exchange for honest review. 

Buy link:

Source: Courtesy of Author/ Publisher – ARC 

 Blurb as per Amazon

The sins of the father became those of the son.
Wrath for taking what was precious to me.
Greed for the lives that were mine to kill.
Sloth for the destruction against their will.
Lust for revenge and the blood I’d spill.
Gluttony for the souls I craved.
Envy for the spirits I had yet to take.
Pride for the birthright I’d soon fulfill.

One look.
One moment.
One girl.
She was all it took for me to lose my focus.
Sienna Luciano, my eighth deadly sin.

It was the end of me, but not my legacy.
It was only the beginning of…

El Diablo’s resurrection.

Allow me to introduce myself.

I’m Crucifixio Martinez.

STANDALONE: Romance Suspense full-length novel.

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