Contemporary Romance Fiction

Grave (Dark King #2) by Shantel Tessier

Title: Grave (Dark Kings #2) 

Author:  Shantel Tessier  

 My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ 

Type: Standalone  

Genre: Contemporary Romance Fiction

Narration: Dual POV  

Primary Characters: Grave & April 

Grave is the second installment in Shantel Tessier’s Dark Kings series. I had been curious about him since I met him in Code of silence. However, Grave’s story wasn’t that interesting to me.  To me, it was more like a spoiled rich kid with Daddy issues. I couldn’t connect with Grave & April as much as I did with other characters in this series. 

Kyle (Grave) has death wish and does several reckless things which earned him the nickname as Grave. World is at his feet yet; he is on a downward spiral to oblivion. When he doesn’t have much hopes for himself, he meets April. She is a florist and maintains her own shop which she inherited from her mother. She has also taken responsibility for her younger brother. 

April is a sweet, lovely girl. Grave is an addict and he replaces one with new one. In Grave’s world, emotions are akin to weakness, so he is always on the hunt for his next adrenaline rush or high. Both of them are immediately drawn towards each other. Will Grave be able to get past his addictions? Will he be able to put his girl and relationship over his addiction? 

Grave’s involvement in Kingdom wasn’t highlighted well. At some point it felt like, Author has tried to give more back story and intrigue to the characters in her next series than focusing on the current one. 

Seeing Bones, Jasmine, Nite and catching up with Titan, Luca, Emilee & Haven were the highlight of this book. Silent Nite, brooding Bones, mysterious Cross, and Charming Jasmine, I’m intrigued & excited to see what’s in store for them. 

Overall, it’s an ok book. Recommended only for Dark King series fans. Even if you skip this book in series, you won’t miss anything much. 

I voluntarily read an ARC of this book in exchange for honest review. 

Buy link: 

Source: Courtesy of Author/ Publisher – ARC 

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