Legend of Suheldev By Amish Tripathi

Title: Legend of Suheldev: The King Who Saved India 

Author:  Amish Tripathi 

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ 

Type: Standalone 

Genre: Historical fiction 

This book is written by several writers from “Immortal Writers’ Centre”.  Story is first told and later edited by Amish.  As blurb says this is a tale of King Suheldev, the unsung Indian warrior, the king of small kingdom Shravasti, who fought against Turks (Not sure of fact). Mahmud of Ghazni, invaded India 17 times and created several riots, loots and plundered the Temple of Somanath along with others. In this book we see some of the effects of his invasion and measures taken by kings to prevent next attack. In this book, Suheldev fights “Salar Masqud”, the general of Ghazni after the death of “Mahmud of Ghazni”. 

Becoming a leader is not about being able to fight or argue or make speeches. It’s actually about realizing what must be done for the greater good. And doing it, regardless of the personal costs  

This book showcases “Unity is strength”.  When we are fighting amongst ourselves it becomes easier for the external forces to use this against us. Author has given thoughts to ponder on how to defeat the enemy who uses our war code and beliefs against usThe most exciting part of the book was the appearance of the famous Chola King, Rajendra Chola in a pivotal role and a hint at a standalone sequel involving him (not sure of his role in the book as fact—- Just enjoy this as a fictional part). 

The part in the book where Gurudev talks about the good and bad of Hinduism and Islam is something to ponder. 

“The strength of the Islam of the Turks is that it is socially inclusive, but its weakness is that it is theologically intolerant. On the other hand, the Hinduism of us Indians is theologically inclusive and liberal, while socially we are intolerant”. 

Secondary characters   

Abdul was inspiring; however, I would have loved him more if there would have been more depth in his character. Toshani & Ashwaghosh were most underdeveloped characters. They started out great, but their Characters weren’t explored well. The suspense around Ashwaghosh ended abruptly. Several loose ends weren’t tied properly. 

It felt like author tried to infuse religion and patriotism. Most anticipated final battle of Bahraich wasn’t that magnificent to me. I liked the one on one battle between Masud & Maqsud. Post that battle scenes were toppling. The romantic aspects including several couples didn’t add any substance to the story, and, in my opinion, could have been avoided. Journey of Suheldev  from normal king to great warrior was not depicted very well.  Plot is ok, however, I wouldn’t have minded a stronger plot.  I could see the twists coming miles away. I felt the narration style wasn’t effective enough, the language used somehow did not resonate with the era.  

Overall, it’s a good one time read containing patriotic story with balance on love towards mother India, Religion, Friendship, Trust, Dharma, War, War strategies and Leadership. Read and decide for yourself. 

Source: The Biblioraptor Book Club 

Buy Link: https://www.amazon.in/Suheldev-Battle-Bahraich-Amish-Tripathi/dp/9387894037/

Blurb as per good reads

A Forgotten Hero. An Unforgettable Battle.

India, 1025 AD.

Repeated attacks by Mahmud of Ghazni and his barbaric Turkic hordes have weakened India’s northern regions. The invaders lay waste to vast swathes of the subcontinent—plundering, killing, raping, pillaging. Many of the old Indian kingdoms, tired and divided, fall to them. Those who do fight, battle with old codes of chivalry, and are unable to stop the savage Turkic army which repeatedly breaks all rules to win. Then the Turks raid and destroy one of the holiest temples in the land: the magnificent Lord Shiva temple at Somnath.

At this most desperate of times, a warrior rises to defend the nation.

King Suheldev.

The ruler of a small kingdom, he sees what must be done for his motherland, and is willing to sacrifice his all for it.

A fierce rebel. A charismatic leader. An inclusive patriot.

Read this blockbuster epic adventure of courage and heroism, a fictional tale based on true events, that recounts the story of that lionhearted warrior and the magnificent Battle of Bahraich.

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