Contemporary Romance Fiction

Ryder(Merrick Brothers #2) by Prescott Lane

Title: Ryder(Merrick Brothers #2) 

Author:  Prescott Lane 

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐1/2

Type: Standalone

Genre: Contemporary Fiction Romance

Primary Characters: Ryder & Kailey

Narration: Dual POV 

Prescott Lane is new author to me. This the first book I read of her. I picked this book as I got intrigued after reading the blurb and I was in mood for some Rockstar romance.  This is second book in Merrick brother’s series but can be read as standalone.  

Books starts exactly as blurb says. Ryder is a popular country music star. He is popular for his lyrics even more. Kailey is simple, sweet girl. She meets Ryder one day in music festival. She isn’t aware of his real identity. They will hit off and have one-night stand. Kailey becomes aware of his identity and is heartbroken when she awakes alone after their one-night stand and couldn’t find a way to connect with him. When she is ready to move on and start a new life, she finds herself pregnant. She is determined to do the right thing. she seeks Ryder to let him know and thinks he has commitment phobia and will want nothing to do with her and the baby. Things take different turn when Ryder wants to be a part of both their life.  

There were portions of the book that I did like but then there were other portions of the book that I just didn’t connect with. Writing style is simple. Plot moved in steady pace. It does have some amount of angst & drama. No intriguing secondary characters.  

Overall, this is a decent book. If you are a fan of the Rock Star romance with a surprise baby and some amount of angst and drama, then this is for you. 

I voluntarily read an ARC of this book in exchange for honest review.

Source: Courtesy of Publisher/Author 

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Blurb as per Goodreads

Country music headliner, crowd pleaser, legend in the bedroom.
You know how your mother always warned you that it only takes one time. Well, I’m proof of that.
One night with country music’s hottest star, Ryder Merrick, and I got knocked up.
He promised me it wasn’t just a one night stand.
But I woke up alone, and a few weeks later found out I was carrying his child.
I’m sure Ryder won’t want anything to do with us. After all, he’s famous for not believing in love. There’s a reason he’s never written a love song.

Why should he change his tune now? But telling him I’m pregnant still feels like the right thing to do.
All it takes is maxing out my credit card to buy a front row seat to his concert.
And then wait for him to notice me… and my bump.

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