Contemporary Romance Fiction

The Devil’s Love: A Dark Romance by M V Kasi

Title: The Devil’s Love: A Dark Romance 

Author:  M.V. Kasi 

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐1/4 

Type: Standalone 

Genre: Contemporary Fiction Romance 

Primary Characters: Vijay and Anjali 

Narration:  Limited third Party 

I was eagerly waiting for this book from the time author announced she has recreated some of the scenes of this story from popular Classic “Rebecca”.  This book is definitely unique in its own way and has several unexpected twists and turns. In my opinion, it has very less relevance with Rebecca. I liked this book much more than the second one, as it has its own mix of loveliness and uniqueness

The initial part of the story felt similar & repetitive like other two books in the series yet, author has made it very interesting. Book starts with Vijay’s obsession with Anjali and marrying her against her will. Anjali is intrigued about his first wife and her mysterious death. Mystery around his first wife and all secrets of Vijay were nested well. 

Character development is good. The flow of the book is steady with wonderful up’s and down. Plot is woven nicely with gripping narration style. No intriguing secondary characters. All twists and turns were justified. Build for suspense, romance, mystery and other issues are tied up and nested well. 

Overall, interesting romantic suspense. I would recommend this for anyone who in interested in Indianized romantic suspense with some elements of darkness. 

Source: Free in KU 

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Blurb as per goodreads

He is ruthless and obsessed. She hates him and fears him. And yet, their burning passion can’t be denied…

Anjali led a simple life as a chef. She never thought her life would be uprooted when she accompanied her boyfriend to a party and met Vijay Seth, a powerful man who fascinated yet terrified her.

A dark pursuit and proposal followed, which she rejected, only to be tricked into marriage and swept halfway across the world and held captive.

She hates and fears her captor husband who is also known as the devil. But she has no other choice than to accept his shocking condition after which he would let her go.

She thought it would be easy. And that her hate and fear would protect her heart from the devil’s touch. She was wrong.

Plunged into a dark, dangerous and intriguing world,
with shocking secrets from the past tumbling out,
and a burning desire and passion she can’t deny,

can she fight the devil who is determined to make her fall in love with him? 

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