Trek to Mago –Jithang – Meerathang — Part 4

I suggest reading first three parts before reading this.

By now you would have got used to carrying weight a bit. But it’s not over. Now endurance plays a role. If you feel your bag weighs heavy, New Melling is your last option to dump all extra luggage. Be prepared, it’s one of the longest day trek in your entire one-month duration. Its 30+kms. Read more about this day here

I was mentally well prepared for this day, yet, physical exhaustions along with hormonal imbalance played a huge role. I struggled more than anyone. All my prep talk vanished and I was almost on the verge of giving up. Thanks to instructors who motivated me to the core. 

After power station, we were walking in the canopy of waterfalls. For every 200-300 mts, I could see a waterfall, this stretch contained a big wall of mountain on one side and road running parallel to pristine river flowing on other side. As soon as we crossed this stretch, we entered the thick forest with river on other side. It was a paradise, being a biodiversity hotspot with unique flora and fauna. This stretch continued for a while and minutes turned into hours. The beauty of Jungle mesmerized me, from buzzling of tree leaves, tall green trees all over to chirping of birds to fresh earthy smell with a soothing water sound all around, made me to forget the pain in the legs and shoulders. 

We had been walking for 10+ hours when I first saw Mago on the other side of the mountain edge. It’s one of the most exhausting day. Finally, by evening 4.00 when I reached Mago campsite I had huge sigh of relief along with the full-on smile on my face that I made it.  

Endurance walk to Indo china border – Chuna post 

Our instructors took pity on our strained shoulders and back and next day endurance walk to Chuna post was without weights. I was surprised by the welcome we received by the army officers. Since its Indo – china border, Photos were prohibited. We had nice snacks and chai here as a courtesy of army officers. It’s one of the beautiful army base camp surrounded by mountains. 

We made call to our homes after 15+ days. You get network in that place. Make sure to charge your phones in Mago. Post this, we had a nice bath in hot water spring in the evening. 

We were supposed to move to Jithang. we were all set in the morning, with our bags ready but we received a storm alter in the last minute and decided to stay back. We spent extra day in Mago. It was a beautiful sight as it was raining full day. We had several lecture sessions throughout the day with director followed by snowboot and crampon wearing session. It was much needed light day. I was super happy and thankful for this day😊. 

Trek to Jithang & Survival Test Day 

We left for Jithang early in the morning by 7. Distance from Mago to Jithang around 15kms. The forest enroute is beautiful. We moved in a steady pace and reached Jithang around 12.30. Campsite is beautiful. We pitched our tents had our packed lunch and were all set to start our survival day. 

We were segmented into 3 groups. Each group consisting of 10-12. We were given limited amount of ration. We dispersed found a place to stay for night. Some of us collected wood and put in fire. Some of us made space for sleeping. Some of us bought water to cook. We combinedly cooked food and had dinner. Since it was cold and sleeping in dry leaves and ground was tough, we were singing for a while to spend time. 


Later instructors, came and examined everything. We were ready to spend night without tent and sleeping bag. By around 12 instructors took pity on us and we were back in our tent for the rest of the night. 

Instructor tasting our food

Trek to Mirathang  

We were supposed to move towards Meerathang campsite early in the morning. Due to bad weather we started late at around 10. Terrain is moderate with gradual up’s and down. I was exhausted and dragged myself gradually. I slowed myself after half way mark. My back was hurting too much due to heavy weight. Due to exhaustion, my leg had a mind of its own. I didn’t know how and where I was keeping my legs. I slipped in water once and fell in quick sand mud second time 😊. Instructors had tough time pulling me out of it. I was half immersed in that by the time I came out. I washed myself in river, took half an hour break and we all dragged ourselves till Meerathang Campsite. 

By the time we reached Meerathang around 3PM, our AMC batchmates had laid down pitch for us and had kept everything ready for us. I kept my shoe for drying and relaxed for the rest of the day. 

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7 thoughts on “Trek to Mago –Jithang – Meerathang — Part 4

  1. Hey…. What an amazing blog… . I’m also going in October….. I just wanna ask about the networks and phone calls….. Is it possible to talk to our families from there??


    1. Yes… You get network for 12-13days in average for whole 1month… 1st week and last week during your stay in campus, you get network.. Post that it’s on and off


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