Shards by Michael Shotter

Title:  Shards

Author:  Michael Shotter 

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐3/4 

Type: Standalone 

Genre:  Short-Fiction Anthology  

Narration:  Limited third person 

I’m eager to hunt for stories that offer something a little different, so if you’re like me and thrive on unique stories, give a try for this short-fiction Anthology.  This is a collection of 8 stories which offer you from Sci-fic to horror, action and adventure. 

I could connect with a few stories very well, some not so much. I totally loved “The Gardener’s Pitch”.  The way it’s narrated along with the flow and characters, all was wonderful. I never guessed the way the plot took a turn. This had a perfect blend of fiction and reality. I could connect with this story more.  The next story I liked is “Academic Displacement”, however I would have loved it more if the story had more depth to it, yet, acceptable for this sort of short anthology. 

I just couldn’t connect with “Vessels” & “Torn” stories. Author has tried to give good explanation for that, yet, I felt, it lagged in highlighting how those vessels were different than that of others. I would have definitely loved more depth in plot.   

Some plots were very engaging. Narration style varied from story to story. I would have loved it more if a few stories were more structured and polished.  I totally loved how author has weaved each story in one cohesive multiverse. 

Overall, a good collection of short-fiction Anthology. Pick it up and let me know your thoughts on that. 

Source: Courtesy of Author/Publisher / Free in KU

Buy Link : https://www.amazon.co.uk/Shards-Short-Fiction-Anthology-Author-309-ebook/dp/B08C47V452/

Blurb As per good reads

When worlds collide, the effects can range from subtle to profound. In this first-ever, short-fiction collection from the author of “309” and “The Big Men,” experience the intrigue, excitement, and terror of such events from a variety of perspectives as each unique tale unfolds.

This collection includes the hit novelette, “Academic Displacement,” and seven all-new stories sure to please fans of thrilling, thought-provoking, and engaging prose.

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