Contemporary Romance Fiction

This love hurts & but I need you by W.Winters

Title: This Love Hurts (This Love Hurts #1) 

Author: W.Winters 

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐1/2 

Type: Trilogy -Book1  

Genre: Contemporary Fiction Romance, Romantic Suspense 

Primary Characters: Marcus, Cody & Delilah 

Narration: Triple POV 

This series is interconnected spin off novel from Merciless series. We have seen the glimpse of these main characters in other Merciless world several series books. This Trilogy can be read as standalone alone as author has given sufficient background about all these characters. 

Marcus has been in the shadows entire time. A master manipulator, he plays his games, he communicates in riddles and has a hand in almost everything the Cross-brother’s touch. This book gives a more glimpses of him. Officer Cody Walsh and Delilah, two people that we know are connected to Marcus but we don’t know how. Marcus has been a ghost.  A faceless man to go with the name. 

Part one of this book opens to what Delilah goes through day to day and a feeling of every step being monitored. Delilah is a lawyer and Cody is an FBI Agent.  we get to see how their cases are interlinked. 

With Cody having his own secrets along with the world they are connected unknowingly makes this an interesting read.  The only downside I saw in this was, it was very similar to her other books. I didn’t see variety after reading her several books so it sort of became boring plus Marcus didn’t live up to my expectation. 

If you are fan of Willow’s writing and fan of her Merciless world then this book is for you. 

Title: But I Need You (This Love Hurts #2) 

I read both the books back-to-back. This book gives us more about Marcus and his background. In this we see the relationship between Delilah and Marcus grow. Marcus is opening up and secrets are coming out slowly. Some secret creates rift and we see more of how all 3 are interconnected. 

Identity of Marcus is reveled in this, but this book still leaves lot of open questions. We see some layers of Marcus in this. I was hoping to see how or why he is so invested in cross brothers, but somehow that isn’t in box for now.  Writing style is similar to other books, if you read several of her books in one shot you might carve for variety. 

Overall, it’s a thrilling romantic suspense with a love triangle element, and twists surely keeps you guessing! I would suggest this for Willow’s Merciless world or cross brothers Fan. 

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