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Meet the Author – Veronica Eden


I m ecstatic to host this author in my today’s “Meet the Author – series”. I was pumped with energy and I have been waiting to host this writer for quite some time. There is something about her stories that entices us, it is perhaps the incredible words or the sweet charm of those handsome bullies or gripping suspense or characters or the plot. She is an amazing author in Romance Genre.  Without further ado, lets meet Veronica Eden. 

Welcome to my “Meet the Author” series. Thanks Veronica for being here on my blog. 

Have you read any or her books? If not, perhaps you need to check out.  I have included her bio in the end.

Come on, lets have a glimpse of her mind.

1. What and who inspires you to write books? When did you write your first book?

Ohh lots! Other authors inspire me, especially my fellow indie authors, as well as music and art. I’m really big on chasing dreams as hard as possible and I’m really thankful I took the leap to follow one of mine. I wrote my first full length book in 2016, a fake dating romance that I did not publish, and I have been writing on and off for about as long as I can remember. I was really into it in high school/college as a hobby, then took a break from it when I started a wedding photography business right out of college and in 2015 I started writing again. It wasn’t until late 2018 I decided to publish though, and published my first work in May 2019.

2. According to you, what’s special about your latest upcoming book “Savage Wilder” and please tell us more about your secret project (Crowned Crows)?

I’m really excited to dig into Savage Wilder because the secrets of the two families (Wilders and Landrys) are the biggest revelations of the series as a whole. This book is the epitome of the privileged elite taking advantage of power, and on the flip side of that, about revenge. At the heart of the story is a trope I’ve been really excited to write–childhood friends to enemies to lovers. It’s a common trope for bully romance, but I haven’t really had the chance to write a story with it and now I’m really looking forward to digging into the angst that comes with knowing someone and not knowing them at all.
Crowned Crows also excited me because of how ambitious it is. Ridgeview and my Sinners and Saints series feels contained compared to the sprawling plans I have for the story of the elusive and chaotic Crows. Things will be darker, grittier, and more intense. Readers also know after reading Ruthless Bishop that the two worlds crossover, with the mysterious hackers Dolos turning out to be the Crows. I’m looking forward to expanding this new world and threading it with my existing one.

ME : Wow – readers, make a note and keep watch on these books

3. Have any of your books been made into audiobooks? If so, what are the challenges in producing an audio book?

Yes, Wicked Saint and Tempting Devil have both been made into audiobooks and Ruthless Bishop is up next. I haven’t faced any challenges, I work with an amazing production company (PInk Flamingo Productions) who are amazing and professional and have connected me with so many fantastic narrators to bring my characters to life.

4. How important is marketing a book in the present condition when every day we see new titles coming up? Any tips to Share?

Super important to me! In the internet age, there is always going to be a bombardment of more, new, shiny things, but the beauty of reading is that a reader will pick up as many books that interest them, so marketing really comes down to making sure you’re appealing to them and getting in front of them often enough. It’s not so much about social media platform algorithms as it is crafting a marketing story the same way you would a book or a blurb, just on a smaller scale. My biggest tips I can give for marketing is to inject your passion for story craft and your characters into your marketing, think like a reader, and consider the type of readers you think will engage the most with your books (your ideal reader).

5. What does literary success look like to you?
To me, it’s getting the chance to support myself doing something I love and connecting with readers who have loved my books. It’s the biggest treat every day to talk to readers who relate to my characters, who are inspired by my stories to use their own creativity, and to see the joy of reading sparking friendships. It’s an honor and it always makes my day!

6. What is the most surprising thing you discovered while writing your book(s)?
It’s not necessarily a new discovery, but I’m always surprised at how complex the writing process is. Sometimes a book will spin up fast and other times I go to start a book and feel like I’ve forgotten how to write, even though I’ve been doing it most of my life.

7. When you were young, did you see writing as a career? Can you make a living out of writing books?
I always had the goal to write and publish a book, and briefly considered author as a career, but I didn’t pursue it until later in life when I was about to turn 30 and looking for a career change from photography. Yes, and if anyone is looking to write as a career there are tons of great self publishing resources and education available–Dave Chesson’s Kindlepreneur blog, Mark Dawson’s Self Publishing Formula (courses and he has a book out I believe), Chris Fox’s writing series (Write to Market), 20 Books to 50K (fb group) and Indie Author Mindset by Craig Martelle, Alessandra Torre Inkers (fb group and courses/conference). Twitter also has #pitmad ( if traditional publishing is of interest in order to pitch to literary agents.

ME —- Ohh wow… Thats a bundle of information. Thanks for sharing this with us.

8. According to you, what is the most unethical practice in publishing industry?
I wouldn’t know, I tend to keep my head down and stay in my lane and I think it’s a practice that applies to any creative-content driven industry.

9. What is your work schedule, while you are writing? How do you jiggle with your family time vs writing time? (I.e. if you do any other job apart from writing)? How long does it generally take you to write a book?
I treat my writing schedule as a job, if I’m drafting a book I write from around 8am-3pm M-F and do writing sprints to meet my daily word count goals. I’m a full time author and my husband and I are also full time wedding photographers so we work from home and are able to see each other all day. The time to write the book depends on the book. I have written books in 3 weeks and I’ve written books in 6 months. My average this year has been about 4-5 weeks writing time not counting editing. However, I consider myself quite a slow writer, and even though I can write a book in 4-5 weeks that doesn’t mean it’s ready to go, there is a lot of editing and re-writing that can happen before a book is reader-ready.

Random Questions
1. Why have a distinguished your writing under pen name? How is Mara different from Veronica
This all comes down to branding and is a choice each writer makes. I didn’t want to confuse readers who may not have wanted to read bully or other darker romances. There’s not much difference between the two other than the separation for branding purposes, I write the same no matter what.

2. Where have you planted all those plants which you have collected (600+ Plants— Soooo many)
Haha it’s not really 600, that’s an exaggeration, though some days it seems it could be. I love plants so they’re all over my house and in my front and back garden. They keep me company while I write.

3. 1250 Cups of coffee ��. From how long are you keeping track of it. Tell us more about it
Also an exaggeration, but coffee is writer fuel!

4. What do you say is your interesting writing quirk?
This is not unique to me, but I’m one of those writers that can see my stories as a movie in my head, hear my character’s voices and watch scenes unfold as I write them or brainstorm about them.

5. What books defined your childhood or got you into reading? How many books are there in your bookshelves?
Oh wow, so many! I’ve been a bookworm since I learned to read! As for defining books – Harry Potter is probably the biggest standout, Jude Deveraux historical romances, lots of YA fantasy, and manga (mostly romance, but also other genres). My bookshelves are full of favorite titles only, but the shelves are full and I need more haha.

6. Who is the author you admire most? Favorite Book?
This is extremely hard to choose because I admire so many! A mix of ones that inspire me: Renee Ahdieh, Leigh Bardugo, Penelope Douglas, LJ Shen, Maria Luis, Charleigh Rose, VE Schwab, Hailey Turner. Favorite book ahh also so hard! YA: Toss up between The Wrath & The Dawn duology and Six of Crows, NA/Adult romance: this honestly changes so much but current favorites are Devil’s Day Party by C.M. Stunnich, Devil’s Night series and Punk57 by Penelope Douglas, and The Deal by Elle Kennedy.

7. If you had to describe yourself in three words, what would they be? Daydreamer, kind, open

8. I aspire to become —-A writer who can touch readers with my books.

9. Writing book for me is—-What gives me life and keeps me sane.

10. Lastly, what else do you want your readers to know? Your interests and hobbies, your favorite ways to unwind — whatever comes to mind (Apart from what’s in your bio)
I’m very into artistic hobbies! I paint, draw, and recently got into embroidery. I do all of these to unwind when I’m not reading and to refill my creative well when I need a break. I once learned to spin yarn when I was really into knitting because I like to know how stuff works and enjoy learning new skills.

Author – Bio

Veronica Eden is an international bestselling author of dark new adult romances + reverse harem romances with spitfire heroines and irresistible heroes.

She loves exploring complicated feelings, magical worlds, epic adventures, and the bond of characters that embrace us against the world. She has always been drawn to gruff bad boys, clever villains, and the twisty-turns of morally gray decisions. She believes sometimes the villain should get the girl and is a sucker for a deliciously devilish antihero. Veronica Eden is the pen name of romance author Mara Townsend. When not writing, she can be found soaking up sunshine at the beach, snuggling in a pile with her untamed pack of animals (her husband, dog and cat), and surrounding herself with as many plants as she can get her hands on.

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Thank you so much for joining us, and readers, make sure to check out Veronica’s book and give the author a follow!

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