Dusk (Dangerous Web #1) by Aleatha Romig

Title: Dusk (Dangerous Web #1) 

Author:  Aleatha Romig 

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 

Type: Trilogy Book 1 

Genre: Contemporary Fiction Romance, Romantic Thriller, suspense 

Primary Characters: Reid & Lorna 

Secondary characters: Sterling Sparrow, Mason, Patrick, Araneae, Madeline and Laure 

Narration:  Dual POV 

I have always been a fan of Aleatha’s Dark read series. This series is set in Sparrow World. I just couldn’t resist starting this sooner. The moment I started, I finished this in one go. This book is like her usual other books, captivating and intoxicating. You need not have to read other books in the series to start this series. 

Sparrow is a Chicago kingpin. He rules that along with his 3 other friends. One of them is Reid Murphy. If you have read her other books in this world, you would have already met him and know that he is the man behind keys. He good at computers and can unearth all secrets.  

Story toggles between past and present. This gives an enough backstory and background for the readers who are reading this series for first time. Now, with Lorna being kidnapped Reid is ready to take any steps to get her back. But the danger looming around them is not a passing simple cloud.  

Best part of story is seeing the entire gang coming together to solve this mystery. Totally loved everyone’s involvement in this. All other couples were adorable.  With a wonderful twist in the end, Author has left us wanting for more. 

Only downside is some parts of book is repetitive for seasoned lovers of this series. Narration is clear like her other books. Plot moved in fast pace. Secondary characters are the best part of the book. 

Overall, if you are a fan of Aleatha’s thrillers, then this is for you. If you are a new bee to her books, then I suggest reading some of her other wonderful series. Enticing end, can’t wait to see what’s in store of Lorna and Reid. 

Source: Courtesy of Author/ publisher 

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