Contemporary Romance Fiction

Fake & Kate (Madison Kate) by Tate James

 Title: Fake (Madison Kate #3)  

 Author: Tate James  

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ 

Type: Series. Book3  

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense, YA, Highschool bully reverse harem romance  

Narration: Mostly Single POV. Occasional Chapters with others POV  

Primary Characters: Madison Kate, Archer D’Ath, Kodiak Jones, Max Steele  

I had read this book a couple of weeks back and have been putting off writing a review. Now after reading Book 4 and completing series, I don’t know how to rate it. 

This book caused lot more intrigue when Kate stalker stepped up. Archer is onboarded with Team Kate. But apart from these 2 main events in the book it did stall a bit for me. I liked how she manages her relationship with all the boys. 

This book did have a stronger plot but for some reason I didn’t like the execution of this. It was sort of expected that they will jump from one problem after another without a break. Even cliffhanger felt forced. Even before book 4 was out I knew what would happen. 

I still don’t like Bree much. Zane also turned out to be little different than expected. Plot moved at normal pace. 

Overall, it has more and more drama and some action.  

Title: Kate (Madison Kate #4) 

My Rating: ⭐⭐3/4 

Type: Series. Book4 

The only reason I picked this is to know, who is Kate’s stalker. This book is more of Smut. Instead of focusing on the problem in hand Kate and team will totally focus on their Physical relationship and their own harem. 

At some point I felt like Kody was side tracked too much. Steele and Archer were show stoppers here. Author introduced several new characters and suddenly bought them on high end. It felt like a business tactic and to build intrigue to her next series. Honestly, I didn’t like it much as author didn’t give justice to this series in a better way. Loose ends were tied but it got dragged more than necessary. Plot started out promising but didn’t end so well. 

I would recommend this series only for YA reverse harem lovers. 

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