Contemporary Romance Fiction

Crash in Love: An Enemies to Lovers Romance by MV Kasi

Title: Crash in Love: An Enemies to Lovers Romance 

Author: M.V. Kasi 

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 

Type: Standalone 

Genre: Indian Contemporary Romance 

Narration: Limited third party 

Primary Characters: Sameera Nayak and Veer Pratap. 

I’m not the person who will judge the book by its cover yet, this book cover sort of turned me off. I personally believe, putting a face to character will spoil readers imagination about them. I hesitated picking this just because of this cover. Don’t think on the cover, pick it up. This book is light wonderful entertainer. I was sort of disturbed with several things going on around me and was looking for a light entertainer and this was exactly that. 

This story is about Veer Pratap and Sameera Nayak. As blurb says they are stranded in a deserted island. They hate each other’s gut. Sameera seems rich and spoiled. She is happy in her own world and doesn’t care about what others say. Totally loved her care free attitude. However, Veer is more ordered and organized person. When he thinks he is struck with bambi he orders and dominates around her. With no option left, Sameera do follow him around yet tries to gives him a hard time. With Sparks flying, it was fun to watch them fall in love. Totally loved those Dolphin, which made the theme livelier.  

Language is simple with wonderful narration. Character development is not much. Plot moved in fast pace. Rohan and Aarav were apt as Veer’s best friends. I would have loved it more, if there was more depth to the plot.  

Overall, it’s the perfect escape with wonderful ride in deserted island. I would recommend this for readers who are looking for one-time light entertainer with Indianized theme. 

Source – Free in KU

Buy link Crash in Love: An Island Romance eBook: Kasi, M.V.: Kindle Store

Blurb as per good reads

He is the last man she wanted to be stranded with on a deserted island. She hates him. But when their private jet crashed, she ended up alone with him.

She should be happy that he is an ex-Air Force officer used to unusual and extreme situations. But his arrogant barking orders made her want to strangle the bossy jerk.

How many days will it take for them to be rescued? It has to be soon because even though the island is stunningly beautiful, the constant whiplash she got from his annoyed growling followed by passionate kisses is driving her crazy…

Crash in Love is a standalone enemies-to-lovers romance.

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