Contemporary Romance Fiction

Man in Charge & Man in Love by Laurelin Paige

Title: Man in Charge (Man in Charge Duet #1) 

Author: Laurelin Paige 

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

Standalone: Duet. Book1 

Genre: Contemporary Romance 

Narration: Dual POV 

Primary Characters: Scott Sebastian, Tessa Turani 

I have been looking at the sponsored ad’s of this book in Facebook and Instagram for a couple of weeks. I ignored it for few weeks but later gave in to the temptation and picked it up. I have read few books of this author before and liked several protagonists. I was hoping the same for this, but this didn’t appeal me enough. Donovon Kincaid (Dirty Filty Love) still rocks my world. 

Tessa Turani is struggling with her job in her friend’s company for her own identity. Meanwhile she is trying to find investors to an NGO which will help in supporting her other friends’ life. But finding an investor is not easy. When she is presented with the opportunity to do both, she jumps right into it.  Her friend aka boss is against working with Sebastian for her own unexplained reasons. With the amount of money and power Sebastian’s have Tessa thinks they are the best. 

Tess is posing as her bosses’ accomplice and is doing her best to convince the Sebastian’s to invest. But it’s not easy. Scott is stunning, confident and arrogant. Tessa is passionate, driven and compassionate woman. She is working hard by putting everything on the line in order to pursue her believes. When the line between acceptable and forbidden becomes gray, will she survive? 

The name of the book didn’t match with Sebastian character at all. He is still under the shadow of his father. Flow has its own up and down. Narration style was ok. Nothing new in this book, but I’m only picking next book to see how the story ends. There was neither romance nor connection between the main characters and were indifferent to me, lacked depth and didn’t hold my interest. I could see the cliffhanger coming miles ahead. 

Overall, an ok read. If you are new to this author then I would suggest you pick some of her other awesome books. 

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Title: Man in Love (Man in Charge Duet #2) 

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐


As I have stated in above book 1 review, I’m only picking this book to see how the story ends. Man in Love picks up where Man in Charge ended. It’s very similar to book1. 

We parted from book one after Scott and Tess truth had been revealed. With a complicated situation around them it’s time for them to work on unknotting the threads tied around them. How successful will they be in this? All the other players are sound, strong and alert around them. They need to play carefully to win this. But with lots of mistrust how they do matters.  

This story was all about finding what is most precious to one’s and to go for it. Tess always had issues about self-worth and standing up for herself but Scott made her realise that she shouldn’t settle for less and she should fight for everything she deserves.  

The story had ups and downs and everything fell in place in the end. Narration style is good as usual. Cole is more intriguing along with Brett. I would definitely love to know more about Cole and Brett.  

In my opinion overall, this series is only for someone who is looking for just a contemporary romance to pass time. 

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