Mysuru/Mysore – Aramane Nagari – Balamuri Yedamuri falls

As the popular local saying says, you can take a girl out of Mysore, not Mysore out of girl. Me being born and brought up in this city, it’s more a home than a tourist/travellers place. Several people told me on various occasions to write about the places in and around Mysore. So here I’m roaming my city with my son and getting this place familiarised to my 5-year-old son as well.

My – Suru – In local Kannada language, Suru also means roof. For me it’s always a place that gives a roof. Though the word Mysuru is derived from a different ancestral tale, for me it will always be my suuru.

Be it a family holiday or a romantic weekend escape, there are impeccable things to do in Mysore and around Mysore which make it just the perfect destination for everyone. Mysore has a lot to offer, from its architectural beauty to its natural scenic views. Since I’m not much of an architectural beauty type and more of a scenic landscape girl, I’m taking you on a virtual tour of Balamuri and Yadamuri falls for now and nothing else.

After being cooped up at home for 10 months due to Corono pandemic, me and my husband decided to have a temporary get away by walking along the shores of river Cauvery.  It was then we decided to visit these falls.

Short, scenic waterfall stretching along a small dam, popular for outdoor picnics. This is a perfect place to escape and enjoy the beauty of the gushing water and the lush greenery surrounding it. Balmuri Falls & Edmuri Falls are man-made waterfalls on the way to KRS dam. Both are at the distance of 2 kms from each other. Try to reach this place early to enjoy the scenic view on the way and to take a dip in water.

Once we reached Balmuri falls, we spent some time near the falls. There were hardly few people apart from local vendors since it was a weekday and due to pandemic. We parked our bike near a small restaurant and started exploring the farmlands, where the water flowed pleasantly like backwaters. We put down our bags, sat near the serene kaveri with no other human habitation and took a dip in water and drifted away with the soft waters flowing in front of us. The water is at a safe level so you should be able to take a short dip and escape the heat of the sun.

 Post this we moved toward Edmuri falls. Falls was almost empty. We had a small snack which we had packed from our home. We watched several birds moving back to their nests when the sun started setting down.

Farm lands near Yedamuri Falls

The greenery around is refreshing and beautiful to look at. It will be relaxing to spend some quality time in such a scenic place.

Destination Facts

Location: Karnataka, District PuneMysuru/Mysore

Languages spoken: Kannada, English

Best season to visit: Monsoon (July to Nov)

Eating Around: There are lot of both veg and non-veg local stall available near both falls.

Stay: Best place to stay is either in Mysore or Srirangapatna

Entry Fee – There is no entry fee. However, there is a 40 rs parking fee per vehicle

Have you visited this place? what are your Thoughts? Do let me know

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